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27/04/2021 Adhunters Doha Excavator operators drive and control heavy construction equipment, such as bulldozers, forklifts, dump trucks, and hydraulic truck cranes. This job involves tasks such as ensuring the machinery is operated safely so as not to injure anyone or cause damage to buildings, making minor repairs when necessary, and recording a daily report of inventory and completed tasks. Excavator operators often work irregular schedules, as construction projects can take place around the clock or overnight. Most excavator operators work full-time. This job is well suited to people who are flexible yet organized, enjoy working as part of a team, are physically fit and have good stamina, and who are capable of adhering to health and safety policies and procedures.
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Excavator Operator
Transportation Finance and Investment
27/04/2021 Adhunters Doha We are looking for a Crane Operator to be responsible for operating various types of cranes, from stationary to traveling overhead cranes, and truck cranes. The Crane Operator’s responsibilities include knowledge of lever and pedal control, driving cranes to the worksite, setting up the manufacturer’s operator’s manual, inspecting the crane for safety daily, and operating the crane under general supervision. You should be able to lift and lower materials with precision, and transport heavy equipment to worksites.To be successful as a Crane Operator, you should operate cranes efficiently, take complete charge of all safety, clean and maintain the hoisting mechanisms, and handle the process of job billing. Ultimately, a top-notch Crane Operator should set and maintain a sta...
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Crane Operator
Transportation Finance and Investment
24/08/2022 Recruitment Company Al Sadd , Doha New School open in Qatar The pearl, Looking to hire English Teacher with long experince in teaching and education sectore 
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New School Looking t
Education - Training and Library Teaching and Academics
28/04/2021 Adhunters Doha Job DescriptionMinimum 5 years experience as rigging foreman with heavy lifts. Well versed with safety standards and procedures required during lifting and rigging loads. Ability to calculate and select rigging kits and method of application / procedure.
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Rigging Foreman
Construction Certified Health
27/04/2021 Adhunters Doha We are looking for a Legal Advisor to be responsible for providing clients with legal assistance and advice. The responsibilities of a Legal Advisor include drafting legal documents, structuring solutions for issues, and providing support in legal issues.To be successful as a Legal Advisor, you should possess excellent analytical, research and writing skills, the ability to make good judgments, and be able to work well within a team. Ultimately, a top-notch Legal Advisor should have strong communication skills, be able to manage a large workload with a tight deadline, and remain up-to-date with laws.
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Legal Advisor
Legal Farming and Agriculture
02/01/2021 USER 1 Al Sadd , Doha Employee required, employee required secretary, employee required secretary, employee wanted secretary, employee wanted secretary, employee wanted secretary, employee wanted secretary, secretary
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Officer required, se
Secretarial Management
21/04/2021 Adhunters Doha Our team is looking for Arabic typist who has 3 to 4 years of experience in Qatar typing center/translations and holds a Qatar driving license.Preferred Nationality: Indian Pakistani Nepalese 
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One Full-Time Typewr
Translation Medical-Healthcare-Nursing
22/04/2021 Adhunters Doha We are urgently looking for a Filipina with more than 5 years experience in babysitting either living in Doha or abroad. Being a nanny requires more than a genuine love of children. Nannies work long hours in private homes and most often work no supervision or daily oversight. Parents depend on their nannies to keep their children safe and well-cared for and to provide the highest level of childcare so that they can fulfill their personal or professional commitments.
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Filipina Nanny/Babys
Other Officer
28/04/2021 Abdul Aziz Doha I have a desire to appoint a driver for the bus. The required experience is at least two years and more, and a salary is determined after the interview. State laws and to communicate, please call Mr. Abdulaziz 55631261. We wish success to all
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Shewal Driver
Transportation Finance and Investment
29/04/2021 Adhunters Doha We are looking to hire a highly-skilled Tailor to construct, alter, modify, and repair garments for our customers. The Tailor's responsibilities include restyling old or outdated garments based on customers' specifications, sewing zippers, buttons, hooks and eyes, or snap fasteners onto garments as needed, and assisting customers in selecting suitable fabric. You should also be able to prepare completed garments for pick-up by ironing out creases and removing chalk marks.To be successful as a Tailor, you should be detail-oriented and knowledgeable of clothing design and construction. Ultimately, an exceptional Tailor should demonstrate excellent communication, time management, sewing, and problem-solving skills to ensure that customers are satisfied with the tailoring services prov...
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Fashion Design Baby sitter