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This Website Standard Terms and Conditions written on this webpage shall manage your use of our website, accessible at These Terms will be applied fully and affect to your use of this Website. By using this Website, you agreed to accept all terms and conditions written in here. You must not use this Website if you disagree with any of these Website Standard Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions have been generated with the help of the Terms And Conditions Template. Minors or people below 18 years old are not allowed to use this Website.

Intellectual Property Rights

Other than the content you own, under these Terms, and/or its licensors own all the intellectual property rights and materials contained in this Website. You are granted limited license only for purposes of viewing the material contained on this Website.
This website is owned by addhunters and all rights are reserved internationally..

Your Content

In these Website Standard Terms and Conditions, "Your Content" shall mean any audio, video, text, images, links or other material you choose to display on this Website. By displaying Your Content, you grant a non-exclusive, worldwide irrevocable, sub licensable license to use, reproduce, adapt, publish, translate and distribute it in any and all media. Your Content must be your own and must not be invading any third-party’s rights. reserves the right to remove any of Your Content from this Website at any time without notice. reserves the right to modify, amend or remove and content submitted by any member/user to post or display on website whenever reasonably believe this content is unlawful, violates the terms, unproperate, or violate local or international business laws.

Member’s Responsibility

On the approval of the member application by, the member assign a unique single account and receive account ID and password, each member will be solely and fully responsible for the posted and uploaded content to meet the below conditions:

  • The content shall be true, accurate, complete and meet legal roles and regulations.
  • The content shall not be misleading nor exciting any false information.
  • The content shall not include any information that is threating, defamatory, offensive, sexually explicit or harmful to minors, or include racest.
  • The content shall not violate any applicable laws and regulations including but not limited to (Third parties copy rights/protection rights whenever applicable, not involve in any computer viruses or any type of software/devises that can cause/effect of damaging, intercepting any software or hardware system, data or personal information).
  • Members/users shall not use this site and its services to defraud and entity/person , including but not limited to (use of stolen credit/debit cards, sales of stolen items, violating any copy rights or protection rights of any third party).
  • Members confirms and agrees that their use of website and its services will be only for business use and not for personal use. - Members (Buyers/Sellers) are solely and fully legal responsible for the performance and outputs delivery of the services provided through website, this will include, but limited to, (payment terms, warranties, technical specification/quality, insurance, taxes, licences, permits, logistics storage and delivery process..etc).

Members and users of website and services agree and confirm that don’t have any legal responsibility nor liability against any damages or losses from any type that could be caused by the improper/incorrect/illegal content posted/uploaded/downloaded by any member/user of website services.

Members and users of agree to indemnify directors, employees agents and representatives and hold them harmless from any type of damages, losses, claims and liabilities (including legal costs on a full indemnity bases) which may arise from the members’ posting, display and submission of any member/user content and from access and use of website and services.

Transactions Terms and Responsibilities

- website and services provide electronic web-based platform for business use only, which include and not limited to (exchange of information between buyers and sellers of products or services, providing optional web-based transaction platform for payments through linking web-gateway of buyers banks coordinates..etc), in all cases does not represent either the seller snor the buyers in specific transaction, as the members/user confirm their full awareness and knowledge and acceptance that don’t have control and is not liable or responsible for quality, safety, licences, warranties, availability of products or services, shipping and delivery, the ability of buyer or seller to proceed and complete the process of selling and/or purchasing.

- Members/users are fully aware that there may be a risk of dealing with people acting under false names/preferences or stolen business cards, and in this regard, members and users confirm and agree that has no responsibility and are not legally liable in any form for any damages or losses from any type that could be caused from such possibilities, members shall have the full responsibility to check, evaluate, verify and confirm the true preferences of any user/buyer that may communicate with them through website for business activities (buying and selling of products and services).

- Members (sellers and buyers) are fully responsible for setting the terms and conditions of their selling/purchasing of the transaction conducted through addhunters website, this responsibility of setting terms and conditions shall include, but not limited to (terms of payment, arranties, returns, storage and delivery, fees and taxes, licences, permits, authorizations, storage and delivery); for that, is not a part of conducted transaction and has no responsibility neither legal liability against the closing of any transaction conducted through website and its services.

- In case of violate any terms and conditions mentioned above, or in case of any reporting of failing of delivery, providing false/misleading information/documents, in such case members agree that has the right to suspend or terminate any user’s account without any liabilities/responsibility for any losses or damages caused in connection of such suspension or termination.

- In the event of any member/user has a dispute with any other party in connection with a transaction proceeded though website and services, members/users agree, confirm and accept to release and indemnify and our directos, employees, agents and representatives from all claims, demands, damages, costs and expenses from any type araising out of or in connection with such dispute or transaction. - shall not be liable for any special, direct, indirect, incidental damages or any damages whatsoever (including but not limited to damages for loss of profits or savings, business interruption, loss of information), whether in contract, negligence, equity or otherwise or any other damages resulting from any of the following:

  1. The use or the inability to use the site or services.
  2. Any defect in goods, samples, data, information or services purchased or obtained from a user or any other third party through site or services.
  3. Any violation of third party rights or claims or demands that user’s manufacture, importation, exportation, distribution, offer, display, purchase, sale and/or use of products or services offered or displayed on site or through the services may violate or may be asserted to violate third party rights; or claims by any party that they are entitled to defense or indemnification in relation to assertions of rights, demands or claims by third party rights.
  4. Unauthorized access by third party to data or private information of any user.
  5. Statements or conduct of any user of addhunters,com site or services.
  6. Any matters relating to site or services, however arising, including negligence.

- Members/users agree that all notices,demands, disclosers, warnings and any other communications that sends to the member/user electronically shall be considered satisfactory for any legal requirement that such communication should be in written.