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3 years experience in water treatment industry Operation/Commissioning of RO filtration plants Operation/Commissioning of Dosing Systems, Controllers Knowledge of plumbing and electrical works.

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Technical-Maintenance Food (safety - science - quality control) supervisor
Food (safety - science - quality control) supervisor
Private Sector
Full time
Male or Female
Entry Level
  • Installed water lines and sewer lines; disconnected service lines; installed and removed fire hydrants; installed and repaired valves.
  • Assisted in general water meter maintenance activities such as installation, removal, and repair.
  • Mapped and diagrammed water locations; logged jobs completed.
  • Patched streets; dug holes and poured cement; laid pipe; cut weeds; and built fences.
  • Installed sprinkling systems, repaired plumbing in restrooms, drinking fountains, and leaky valves.
  • Mowed, trimmed, edges and watered lawns at the water department owned pump houses; cut and cleaned up uncontrolled weeds.
  • Also participated in repairing damaged properties due to flooding, fires, and weather conditions

Water plant technicians must be capable of taking measurements and interpreting that information to improve water quality. A career in water plant technology requires basic knowledge of federal and state water quality regulations. Water plant technicians work under the supervision of other water plant operators, and they must be able to efficiently take direction.

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