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May 07, 2024

Energy City in Lusail.

Energy City in Lusail.                           | Properties Qatar #3659 - 1  image

Energy City in Lusail


It’s a known fact that Qatar’s economy mainly depends on its Oil and Gas industries, so it’s no surprise when the country takes measures to ensure the best and highest levels of performance from those companies. 

One of Lusail’s most anticipated cities is Energy City. Set to be Qatar’s first integrated business hub to the Energy industry, Energy City will bring together the country’s industry leaders in one place. The City will offer a fully integrated place for residential and business facilities, providing a more sustainable and green environment than other areas in Qatar. 

The city is already implementing advanced green technologies such as the 320 smart poles that were lit to announce the city’s integration, as multiple government agencies and companies started working out of the city. 

Energy City proves Qatar’s commitment to a greener and more sustainable future, and as the development of Lusail is still underway, we can only imagine what else this amazing city of the future has in store. 

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May 07, 2024

Are you considering to rent in ZigZag Towers?

Are you considering to rent in ZigZag Towers? | Properties Qatar #3664 - 1  image

Are you considering to rent in ZigZag Towers?


The Zigzag towers, or the dancing towers, located in the west bay lagoon, are considered the world’s tallest residential zigzag towers. With 34 floors and stunning views of the city on one side and the Arabian Gulf from the other.

Located between the distract of Lusail and The Pearl, and connected through Lagoona Mall, these marvelous twin towers offer their residents a number of wonderful amenities like a common swimming pool, a common gym and an entertainment area, making the perfect place for all types of residents, families and bachelors alike. Other than the wonderful amenities those towers offer, they are also located in a premium location in Doha, as they are close to many major entertainment outlets, such as Gulf Mall and Lagoona Mall and the Doha Exhibition Center as well as being in close proximity to many 5-star hotels and resorts.

Offering a range of one-bedroom apartments and up to three-bedroom apartments, the Zigzag residential towers can cater to different budget ranges. The average price for a one-bedroom apartment is around 5500 QAR to 6000 QAR, for a two-bedroom apartment its between 7000 QAR and up to 9000 QAR, as for the three-bedroom apartments they average around 10000 QAR.

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May 07, 2024

Al-Wakrah City.

Al-Wakrah City.                                | Properties Qatar #3665 - 1  image

Al-Wakrah City


For a long time, Doha was the only city in Qatar that was fully habituated and fully facilitated. However, with the country’s fast and continuous growth, and the winning of the bid for hosting the 2020 FIFA world cup, the government has been expanding to other cities to create more residential areas and fully facilitated neighborhoods.

Al Wakra, which was only a village for collecting pearls and fishing, has now become one of Qatar’s busiest and biggest cities. With more and more people preferring to live away from the city and its fast pace, areas like Al Wakra have become more favorable.

With its more traditional architectural style, and more family friendly amenities like parks and country clubs Al Wakra is a perfect place for anyone who is looking to escape the big city noise feel in Doha.

While Al Wakra is considered quieter than other cities, it still has a lot to offer. It has many hotels and resorts that are perfect for any type pf vacations. In addition, it has a railway station, a golf course and its own Souq Waqif.

The residential landscape in Al Wakra has a very wide range, from small studio apartments to specious houses and villas, this area is able to cater to families of all sizes no matter whatever their needs are.

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