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28/04/2021 Adhunters Doha We are looking for technically skilled candidates with excellent attention to detail for the position of Forklift Operator. Forklift Operators are responsible for optimizing loads to ensure operational efficiency, scheduling vehicles for maintenance and repairs and managing inventory by utilizing RF scanning equipment, among other duties.Forklift Operators will need to transport valuable items, requiring diligence and good hand-eye coordination.
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Forklift and Telesco
Transportation Finance and Investment
21/04/2021 Adhunters Doha We are looking for Arabic Typist for a Typing center /Library shop in Bin Mahmoud. Candidates should have well knowledge about Qatar law, and all pro-related and Online Hukoomi work.Visa Transferable is a Plus or 6 months work paper is required.
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Full-Time Translator
Translation Media manager
28/04/2021 Adhunters Doha Our company is looking for a Shovel Operator to join our team. Please contact us if interested.
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Shovel Operator Requ
Transportation Finance and Investment
24/08/2022 Recruitment Company Al Sadd , Doha A real estate company is looking for specialized male and female employees in the sales department, dealing with customers and buyers, with experience in the real estate department and the Qatari real estate market.
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A real estate compan
Real Estate Sales
22/04/2021 Adhunters Al Sadd , Doha  As a babysitter who is passionate and ambitious about everything you do, you will have the opportunity to develop your natural gifts and pursue your highest potential in providing extraordinary child-tending services. To be trusted by a child’s parents is no small accomplishment, and we look forward to working alongside you in earning that trust every day.
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Other Officer
02/01/2021 USER 1 Al Sadd , Doha Employee required, employee required secretary, employee required secretary, employee wanted secretary, employee wanted secretary, employee wanted secretary, employee wanted secretary, secretary
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Officer required, se
Secretarial Management
29/04/2021 Adhunters Al Sadd , Doha I need tailor with experience to sewing arabic clothes. We offer a competitive salary plus bonus, food and accommodation.
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Indian Tailor
Fashion Design Baby sitter
29/04/2021 Adhunters Doha Nurses are required to work for a private medical center provided that a transfer or work permit and a Qatari medical license exist. 
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Qatar-based Nurse
Nursing House driver
28/04/2021 Adhunters Al Sadd , Doha * We are looking for motorbike drivers with or without a Qatar driving license to work in delivery of orders from restaurants * Motorcycle, fuel and internet are covered by the company * The salary or commission system * The salary is 2200 riyals with a housing allowance of 300 riyals * In commission system one order 7.5 QAR. * Working hours are 12 hours with two days off per month. * Sponsor change is required with NOC * Visa available (India, Morocco, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Kenya) 
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Motorbike Delivery D
Transportation Finance and Investment
21/04/2021 Adhunters Doha We are looking for typewriter for typing office services and DOC clearance in Qatar. A candidate must have experience in typing center with Typing and Hukoomi services and must know Arabic and English.Preferably: Asian nationality
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Full-Time Typist/Cop
Translation Medical-Healthcare-Nursing