Senior Project Engineer (Civil)

Job Description

Senior Project Engineer (Civil)
Job Location : Qatar
Requirements :
10 ~ 15 Years Work Experience
Must have working experience in Fa ade Industry and High-Rise Building
Transferable and Valid Residence Permit in Qatar
Note : Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted
Interested candidate can apply with your updated resume.

Senior civil engineers are heavily involved in the planning process of projects, such as those encompassing roads and large buildings. They create budgets, review safety issues, conduct land surveys, and manage teams of surveyors, engineering technicians, and construction workers. Senior civil engineers are also involved in the inspection of completed projects to ensure that all codes have been met, safety issues addressed, and that the job has met all specifications.

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Engineering Driver
Private Sector
Full time
Male or Female
Mid Career

Design Construction Projects

Senior civil engineers’ main responsibility is to plan and design large construction projects, such as highways, office buildings, medical facilities, bridges, and tunnels. They assess potential construction sites, check existing structures for upgrades, and create drawings and schematics of projects using computer-aided design (CAD) software.

Create Project Budgets

Senior civil engineers complete cost estimations for all phases of a construction project and develop a complete budget. These budgetary projections are included in technical proposals that senior civil engineers write up before planning/designing a new project.

Manage Construction Crews and Engineers

Senior civil engineers oversee construction managers and workers, contractors, junior engineers, and technicians. They ensure that all contributors to a project are performing their duties and meeting the demands of each project.

Assess Completed Projects

Once a project is finished, senior civil engineers are responsible for evaluating the structure to ensure that it meets all federal and local codes and specifications. At this stage, senior civil engineers make sure that all safety and regulatory issues have been addressed and resolved.


  • Creating schematics and plans for new construction or renovation projects
  • Developing budgets for construction projects
  • Reviewing code compliance and resolving safety issues
  • Evaluating completed projects to ensure they satisfy all guidelines and specifications

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