Mar 16, 2022

A room for rent in Dubai - youth hostels

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A room for rent in Dubai - youth hostels

All young people coming to Dubai, for work or tourism, are first looking for a room for rent in Dubai within a reasonable price range, and some of them choose hotel rooms and others prefer shared housing with other young people in the same apartment for rent in Dubai.

The city of Dubai provides all those coming to it with all kinds of accommodation that suits their needs, so we see a group of hotels that offer youth hostels in the style of shared accommodation in one room or separate rooms with shared facilities.

Let's learn more about one of these hotels "Dubai Youth Hostel":

A room for rent in Dubai - Dubai youth hostel:

- One of the high-end hotels that offer young men and women a room for rent in Dubai with a three-star rating, decent and respectful services that guarantee young people a comfortable stay in the ancient and lively Al Qusais area in Dubai.
- A room for rent in Dubai (youth hostel) is an elegant furnished room, it has air conditioning, Wi-Fi, TV, refrigerator, bathroom amenities, wardrobe, safe with a private lock for cash and personal papers.
- Additional services are available for a room for rent in Dubai within the hostel, such as laundry and ironing services, transportation and taxi services, event ticket reservations, and currency exchange.

- Breakfast is free in the hotel restaurant, and you can request any additional meals for lunch and dinner from the restaurant, as the restaurant is luxurious and includes many types of delicious meals. In addition, there is a café in the hotel.

Room for rent in Dubai - hostel facilities:

- A wonderful communal swimming pool, access to it is free with your stay in a room for rent in Dubai within this hotel.

- Massage center and sauna room.

- A large shared lounge on the ground floor, with a large screen TV and coffee service, where you can sit and entertain your friends in the spacious lounge.

- Free parking.

- A wonderful and spacious outdoor garden.

- In this room for rent in Dubai, you can enjoy with your roommates a barbecue in this place, as there is a special barbecue area in the garden.

- There are special facilities for people with special needs.

Room for rent in Dubai – room types in the hostel:

There are rooms for rent with shared accommodation for two or three people, and there are a group of rooms for males and others for females, and married couples can rent one room, and there are single rooms, but the bathroom is shared.

Advantages of living in a room for rent in Dubai within the hostel:

- There are advantages related to the location of this hotel, which is close to public transportation such as the metro station, and close to shopping places in the "Al Nahda" area.

- There are social advantages related to shared housing in a room for rent in Dubai. Social interaction in shared housing for young people benefits them on a human, practical and cultural level.

A room for rent in Dubai - the cost of housing in the hostel:

The average cost of such rooms varies according to the number of people sharing a room. For example, the cost of renting a room for one person is approximately 120 dirhams per day, while renting a common room for two people costs one person 160 dirhams per day.