May 07, 2024

Experience the Island Lifestyle in The Pearl.

Experience the Island Lifestyle in The Pearl.      | Properties Qatar #3668 - 1  image

Experience the Island Lifestyle in The Pearl


In 2004, a new fascinating project was revealed in Qatar. A new luxurious residential and commercial area was to be built from scratch on a land that didn’t even exist yet. An artificial island was created on the coast of Qatar on one of the country’s previous major pearl diving sites, giving this new exotic land the name of The Pearl. 

The Pearl is one of Qatar’s most luxurious and integrated living areas to be created, and it was the first area where foreigners were allowed to own properties and invest in the real estate sector. The Pearl is continuously evolving and growing and the main aim is to provide the residents with an all around inclusive experience from luxurious living spaces to upscale and high end retail and entertainment spots. 

The pearl is divided into 12 districts, each with its unique and purpose and specific architectural style. The districts are; Abraj Quartier, Beach Villas, Costa Malaz, Floresta Gardens, Giardino Village, Isola Dana, La Place South, Medina Central, Perlite Gardens, Porto Arabia, Qanat Quartier and Viva Bahriya.

The three most important and sought after districts in the Pearl are Porto Arabia, Qanat Quartier and Viva Bahriya. 

Porto Arabia is one of the main areas in the pearl, it has 31 residential towers with varied options of either renting or buying. It is considered a hotspot as it is the home of many incredible facilities such as restaurants, cafes, high end retail and department stores. It also has access to the marina, where a beautiful dock walkway area was created, that offers stunning views and a wonderful experience. 

Qanat Quartier is considered Qatar’s Venice-like community. Its has an extensive canal system, where the whole area is surrounded with water giving it a romantic European vibe. Qanat Quartier has beautiful beachfront townhouses, residential apartments in 31 buildings, retail units, and Kempinski Resort and Spa. 

Viva Bahriya, also an important residential area, has 29 towers total. It differs from the rest of the districts in the fact that it has direct beach access, which means residents can enjoy their very own private beach anytime. The prominent architectural style in ViVa Bahriya is modern European. It gives the residents, the whimsical feeling of being abroad without having to leave the country. 

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