May 07, 2024

Rents in the WestBay.

Rents in the WestBay


With Qatar’s continuous growth and economical development, the country is expanding its real estate plans and is now offering countless options for locals and foreigners to rent and buy real estate properties. However, despite all the constant growth and development in areas like Lusail and The Pearl, the West Bay remains one of Qatar’s hottest areas for residential properties especially for people who are looking to rent. 

The West Bay is considered Qatar’s ultimate Business Hub. It offers a variety of well rounded neighborhoods that have more than just residential buildings. The West Bay is home to many companies and businesses headquarters which makes renting there the more convenient option for most of the locals. In addition to that, the West Bay offers top entertainment facilities from malls and movie theaters to high end restaurants and five-star hotels and resorts, the West Bay promises a coherent atmosphere for the whole family. Another thing that makes the West Bay a family favorite location for renters, is the abundance of international schools and nurseries available in each neighborhood. This makes it perfect for families with children who are looking to settle in a place long term and still have access to great education facilities. 

Regardless of all  the wonderful facilities the West Bay has to offer, one thing that makes it stand out from the rest is the beautiful Doha skyline. The famous skyline can be seen from anywhere is the West Bay area, giving it a big city feel. In fact, the high rise buildings, the waterfront walkway and the stunning skyline are the most aesthetic pleasing parts in the entirety of Doha, which makes it all the more appealing for renters everywhere. 

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