Sep 18, 2022

viva bahriya - Project Features

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viva bahriya - Project Features and Its Most Important Specifications

The viva bahriya project is located in the Pearl District in Qatar. It is one of the most important real estate and urban projects in the country. It has certain specifications and features that make it one of the tourist attractions in the country. Through this article, we will learn about the viva bahriya project in Qatar.

Viva bahriya Project

viva bahriya project is one of the residential real estate projects in Qatar. It is characterized by several factors that make it a different and distinctive project from the rest of the urban and real estate projects in the country, and its most important features are:

The viva bahriya project is distinguished by its distinctive engineering architecture, which differs from the architecture of other projects in Qatar.

viva bahriya project is characterized by its charming and distinctive view of the Arabian Gulf waters as a wonderful front destination.

The viva bahriya project is distinguished by the presence of several different sports tracks within its lands and borders, especially with regard to the marine sports activities that it is interested in.

Types of residential units in viva bahriya

The viva bahriya project includes approximately 29 residential towers that include apartments with distinctive and different specifications.

The viva bahriya project in Qatar includes many ideal and beautiful villas, most of  which are presented as villas for rent in Qatar فلل للايجار في قطر

viva bahriya project includes luxury apartments overlooking the waters of the Arabian Gulf and the sea shore.

The viva bahriya project includes many penthouse offers designed according to the charming Moroccan architecture style, and the penthouse apartments have direct views of the seashore.

Life in viva bahriya

viva bahriya is considered one of the most beautiful areas and places within the Pearl District in Qatar, and some believe that it is one of the most prominent areas that were built in the style of Moroccan architecture. It is characterized by a calm and upscale atmosphere, which includes many entertaining activities as well.

viva bahriya area is one of the most important destinations for housing seekers due to the availability of apartments, residential towers, penthouse apartments and villasfor rent in Qatar . Through a long path, each tower consists of 24 floors, through which 480 housing units are distributed.

The viva bahriya residential project includes a distance of two kilometers from the sandy beach located there.

viva bahriya Towers

Viva bahriya No. 11: It is a residential tower built in the Moroccan style, consisting of one hundred and 46 housing units located within the tower, in addition to the presence of six other housing units located in the chalet area. These housing units within the tower extend over nineteen floors, in addition to a car garage that extends Its spread over two floors and can accommodate at least 250 cars.

viva bahriya No. 12: It is a residential tower consisting of 24 floors and a car garage that can accommodate more than 280 cars.

viva bahriya No. 13: It is a residential building that also consists of 24 floors, in addition to a car garage that can accommodate 290 cars.

viva bahriya No. 19: It is a residential tower designed according to the Japanese architecture style. It consists of 19 floors and includes more than 150 housing units inside, in addition to a car garage that can accommodate more than 240 cars at least.

Thus, we have learned about the area of the viva bahriya project on the Pearl Island in Qatar, and its most prominent features.

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