May 07, 2024

Lusail City Gem : Qetaifan Island.

Lusail City Gem : Qetaifan Island.                           | Properties Qatar #3670 - 1  image

Lusail City Gem : Qetaifan Island


Lusail city, the gem of Qatar, is located in the Northern region of Qatar. It is Qatar’s first sustainable residential city where it combines a luxurious and modern lifestyle with a green approach. Lusail is considered one of the world’s most unique cities. It offers residents a unique user experience. With modern designs and innovative approaches, Lusail is aiming to meet the different needs of its residents with high quality services and modern solutions   

In the heart of Lusail, an outstanding island is being developed to create one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in the city, which is Qetaifan island.

Qetaifan Island is divided into two regions; South Qetaifan Island and North Qetaifan Island.

  • South Qetaifan Island: 

The south island of Qetaifan is divided into three islands, connected together with pedestrian walkway bridges. The islands are dedicated for residential plots, where the residents will enjoy the exclusive views over the Lusail coast. In addition, the island will have the Marina district where it will be dedicated for commercial use. It’s going to have shopping outlets, restaurants, cafes, beauty and physiotherapy centers, as well as various waterfront facilities with multiple of berths for boats and yachts. 


  • North Qetaifan Island 

Designed to be Qatar’s future iconic destination, this island will create an entertainment attraction zone for the whole family. The island will have multiple floating hotels, green parks and an amazing water park with an iconic water feature that will be considered the biggest in Qatar. the concept of the water slide is inspired by the history of the oil discovery in Qatar, the slide is standing at 80 meter hight. 

Both islands will be accessed using connectivity bridges from Lusail, in addition to water taxis where it will provide an easy access from Qetaifan into Doha. 

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