May 07, 2024

Where to Rent in Qatar.

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Where to Rent in Qatar


In the past years, Qatar has witnessed a -what can only be described as- an economical revolution. With expats numbers being higher than ever and new construction projects are constantly opening up in preparation for the 2022 FIFa World Cup, Qatar is witnessing a surge in the population number that has lead to a flourish in the real estate market. 


Even though parts of the property market in Qatar are being opened up for foreigners, to make it easier for them to buy Real Estate, the majority of expats in Qatar still prefer to rent villas and apartments over buying. In fact 60% of properties in Qatar are for residential rentals. 


Below are some of the most common residential areas with the highest rental perecentage in Qatar; 


The Old Airport Area: Considered a historical area in Qatar, and one of the oldest residential areas in the country. It provides residents with specious living spaces that are budget friendly. 

Al Saad / Al Nasser: One of the most crowded areas in Qatar. As it hosts a combination of retail stores and residential building, it can be considered the never-sleeping part of Qatar! 

West Bay: The residents of the west bay area are able to enjoy luscious views and modern architecture, right in the heart of Doha! From the busy business district to the calm residential neighborhoods, the West Bay Area remains one of Qatar’s most versatile locations!  

The Pearl: The elegantly designed Pearl area, is considered one of the most luxurious areas in Qatar. It provides its residents with modern and trendy housing options, in addition to being a lively area full of entertainment and retail facilities.

Lusail City: The future of Qatar! One of the new up and coming residential areas in Qatar and where the final game of the 2020 FIFA World Cup will be hosted. Lusail is a fully facilitated city that aims to provide its residents with a modern and comfortable lifestyle!

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