Sep 20, 2022

qatar world cup - symbols of the cup and its meanings

qatar world cup - symbols of the cup and its meanings | Sports Qatar #4313 - 1  image

qatar world cup - symbols of the cup and its meanings

Some may wonder about the symbols of the World Cup and its connotations and the symbols it represents, so we will learn through this article about the most important of these symbols and their connotations.

qatar world cup

The World Cup is a statue made of gold that is awarded to the team that wins the World Cup in the league every four years winner.

Despite the precious material value of the cup, the cup carries a high moral value that carries the joy of victory and success, and the French team is currently winning the World Cup due to its success in the World Cup in its last edition in 2018, and this cup remains in the possession of the French team until the start of the World Cup matches. The world in its new session in 2022 in qatar world cup, the winning team will be announced at the end of the tournament.

The current World Cup is made of pure gold in Italy, and it was designed in Milan specifically, and some of the names of the winning teams in the tournaments in each session were engraved on the base of the cup with the date of victory, and the last cup bears the names of ten teams that won the last tournaments.

World Cup mascot

The countries that host the World Cup use a specific mascot to represent the World Cup matches with a number of symbols that indicate and represent the country. For example, in the previous World Cup, Russia chose the mascot Zabivaka, which is represented by the Russian wolf, wearing a shirt with the words “Russia 2018,” written on it. The wolf wears glasses to signify the land of snow and ice in Russia, and the wolf kicks a soccer ball as an expression of heroism.

world cup ball

The International Football Association FIFA has previously designed a new football for each session in which the World Cup is held, but after conflicting statements about the possibility of different weight and size of the ball from one session to another, the International Football Association decided to adopt a unified football with one specifications in All World Cup matches, including qatar world cup matches.

Where the company Adidas made a model ball that was approved in all matches, and in each round of the tournament, a specific name is given to the ball that will be played during the matches, and among those names (Telstar Ball, Tango Ball, Azateca Ball, Etresco Unico Ball, Tricolor Ball , Fevernova ball, Timgeist ball, Jabulani ball) and all of these balls are made by Adidas.

world cup logo

It is the logo that is represented by the phrase FIFA and the Champion and it is written on the World Cup itself, and that phrase is printed on the shirts of the teams that win the cup during the official matches of FIFA.

Qatar is preparing to receive the World Cup in its territory under the slogan qatar world cup 2022, mobilizing all its efforts to deserve the responsibility it has taken upon itself in being the first Arab country to host the tournament throughout history.

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