Jul 20, 2022

Car Rental Istanbul - Important Information

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Car Rental Istanbul - Important Information

When you visit Istanbul, you will be surprised by the most luxurious cars on its streets, and you will certainly want to drive a wonderful car during your stay in Istanbul, which is the most beautiful international city for tourism and the most important cities for work and study. Whatever the period of your stay in Istanbul, you can find a car that suits you. car rental Istanbul is possible for a day, a week, a month or a year!

How do I find a car for rent in Istanbul?

The means are many!
You can rent an Istanbul car by booking a suitable car in one of the car rental Istanbul agencies, and there are many car rental tourism companies, where you can rent an Istanbul car from the moment you arrive at one of Istanbul's airports.

In addition, you can find on the websites offers of car rental Istanbul directly from the owner, as the reliable website guarantees you mediation with the owner or the rental car agency before you arrive in Istanbul.

Whatever the way to rent a car in Istanbul, you should make sure to book your car before your arrival in the city, especially in the tourist seasons in which Istanbul is crowded with people, so that the available car options are more quality.

Are there certain conditions for car rental Istanbul?

Of course, Istanbul is a global and important city and there must be some conditions for driving in its streets:

- You must be at least twenty-one years old, and on the other hand, there is no specific age for the elderly to drive within Istanbul.
It is mentioned here; As for the age specified for renting an Istanbul car, the regular age is twenty-four years, but if the driver is between 21-24, he must pay an additional insurance fee.

- Car rental Istanbul for tourists: The renter must have a Turkish or international driving license, or a license from the countries with which Turkey shares a driving agreement, such as the European Union, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the UAE.

- Car rental Istanbul is allowed for residents of the city, provided that the residence card is regular, with a copy of the passport and its validity date, and the renter must announce his residence address and his personal phone number in the car rental contract.

- There is an insurance fee for car rental Istanbul that the renter must pay before receiving the car, and this fee is to insure against potential damages or traffic violations.

- As for the payment of highway and bridge crossing fees in Istanbul, the renter agrees with the company or the car owner to pay it during the rental period.

What types of cars can be rented in Istanbul?

Anything you can think of!

There are very modern and luxurious cars, and you can choose the type of car in terms of gear model (automatic or manual), and there are sedans, vans, large cars, and there are old-fashioned cars whose rental value is less expensive.

Here we can tell you that the most preferred for tourists regarding car rental Istanbul are the cars of the brands:

Renault, Volkswagen Passat, Mercedes C-Class, Dacia, Fiat, Hyundai, Peugeot, Nissan Juke, Toyota.