Sep 03, 2022

pearl qatar -most important projects

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pearl qatar –the projects

Investing in pearl qatar is one of the most successful investments, especially with the approaching date of the 2022 World Cup, where the country is experiencing a lot of progress and technological development at all levels.

Advantages of investing in the pearl qatar

When a person buys a property in pearl qatar with a value of three million and 650 thousand Qatari riyals, he gets the real estate residency. The advantages of real estate residency are similar to the advantages of permanent residency in Qatar, where the holder can obtain advantages in matters of health care, education and investment. A person cannot obtain real estate residency similar to permanent residency if he has not spent 90 days in Qatar, either continuously or intermittently.

When a person purchases a property worth 730,000 Qatari riyals in pearl qatar, he can obtain Qatari residency without the presence of a sponsor, provided that he has been in Qatar for a period of 90 days, whether continuously or intermittently.

The most important projects in pearl qatar

The United International School is one of the most important investment projects in pearl qatar. It is an integrated educational institution concerned with building an educated and academic young generation capable of entering the labor market upon graduation. The school has won many awards for innovation, creativity and excellence in international education, as it relies on the curriculum in its curricula "orbital education".

General information about United International School

The area of the school is approximately 44,000 square meters. It has a garage that can accommodate about 260 cars. It consists of three floors. It is based on the British curriculum. It can accommodate 2,500 students. It is divided into nursery school, primary school, preparatory school and secondary school.

Its most important facilities include technical science laboratories, music and art classes, drama studio, recording studio and training rooms.

The school is interested in sports, as it includes a football field, a basketball court, a tennis court, an indoor Olympic swimming pool, jogging tracks, ballet dance halls, and changing rooms.

It also has a huge library, lecture hall, cultural café and shaded courtyards.

Giardino Mall in pearl qatar

One of the most important projects in pearl qatar. It is a commercial project located in the Giardino area, with a total area of approximately 12,000 square meters. It has three floors and includes many huge markets with different and international brands. There are many distinctive shops that offer distinctive food and drinks.

Inside it there is a special section for warehousing and storage, in addition to many administrative offices. Many visitors and residents of Qatar visit the mall because of its beauty and luxury.

Corinthia yacht club in pearl qatar

The project is located in Porto Arabia in pearl qatar, covers an area of approximately 2,232 square meters, is characterized by its modern design, has stunning and charming views, and has many restaurants and luxury cafes. It is a project suitable for the family due to the presence of many amenities and recreation, friends can also spend most beautiful times in the project to live the experience of sailing a yacht with excellent tourist potentials.

Thus, we have identified the most important investment projects in pearl qatar And its most important features.

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