Sep 11, 2022

grand hyatt doha - the most important services

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grand hyatt doha - the most important services provided in it

The grand hyatt doha Hotel & Resort is distinguished by the services it provides to its guests in a variety of advanced and different ways, by a distinguished staff with high qualifications and competencies.

Services and facilities at grand hyatt doha Hotel

First: Restaurants and cafes, where many restaurants and cafes are located within the grand hyatt doha Hotel to meet the desires of guests and visitors for a variety of food and drinks.

Second: A sports club, where the grand hyatt doha hotel includes a large sports club with a spacious gymnasium, which includes many modern machines and devices related to fitness, in which specialized sports trainers are trained to help club members, and the club also includes a spa center for health treatment, managed by a group One of the specialized physicists who are able to treat body aches such as cramps and others. They rely on the principle of massage. The club also includes a special center with a steam bath and sauna that relaxes the body and fights toxins.

Third: grand hyatt doha Hotel includes two large swimming pools in its facility. Its officials follow all procedures concerned with ensuring the safety and security of its participants. The staff is keen to maintain the cleanliness of the pool and sterilize it constantly in accordance with international standards for preparing swimming pools. The pools and beaches chairs, relaxation chairs and exposure are spread around it. For the sunshine, the customer can get his own swimming towel, and there are swimming pools and pekka showers by the pool, so that the guest can take a shower after leaving it, the pool also includes a bar with drinks and fast food service.

Fourth: A meeting and conference room. Businessmen residing in grand hyatt doha or not residing in it can attend their meetings and hold their conferences within the meeting room located in the hotel, where the hall is large and spacious and can accommodate more than a thousand people, equipped with appropriate chairs, tables and podiums.

Fifth: The party hall, where a large hall is available in the grand hyatt doha Hotel for holding parties such as engagement, marriage, birthdays or other occasions, in addition to the possibility of providing people specialized in organizing parties, such as preparing tables, preparing food and coordinating decorations.

Reception services within the grand hyatt doha Hotel

One of the most important services that grand hyatt doha Hotel provides to its customers when receiving them is the baggage service, where the employee rushes to carry the guest’s bags and belongings as soon as he enters the hotel door to be transferred to his room after directing the booking procedures immediately, and the guest can request the hotel management to store some luggage in a special warehouse if they want to, according to specific terms and conditions signed by the two parties. The hotel also provides an ATM service to withdraw money from it through the customer's special card, and it can also convert currencies from one type to another through the transfer service. Especially for people coming from other countries.

There is no doubt that the services provided at the Grand hyatt doha Hotel in the capital, Doha, are among the most important services provided in hotels, and for this reason the hotel was classified as one of the five-star hotels.

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