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cinema qatar -NOVO General Information

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cinema qatar - Novo General Information

In this article, we will learn about the most important information about Novo cinema qatar and its most important features.

Novo cinema qatar

Novo cinema qatar is one of the most important entertainment facilities newly established in qatar, as it was established in 2014. Novo cinema qatar is considered one of the largest chains of cinemas in the Middle East, and cinema is one of the most important innovations in the Gulf Cooperation Council at that time.

General information about Novo cinema qatar

Novo cinema qatar uses IMAX laser technology, which is one of the most advanced technologies in North Africa, Arab countries and the Middle East.

Novo cinema qatar has an electronic application that can be downloaded to the mobile phone, and its user can watch all the films shown in the cinema, step by step.

Novo cinema qatar won the cinema Award ComiCon ME 2017 as the most innovative cinema in the Arab world.

Novo cinema qatar customers can choose the technology through which they want to watch movies, either 2D, 3D or IMAX laser technology.

Novo cinema qatar customers can choose to watch movies in the Atmos or VIP category, which provides convenience at all levels for viewers.

Games Novo cinema qatar

Popcorn, crepes with chocolate, crepes with fruits, healthy sweets, soft drinks, juices of all kinds.

Novo cinema qatar Offers

Novo cinema qatar presents the latest local and international cinema shows as the most cinemas that offer premiere and exclusive screenings of Hollywood, Bollywood and other films.

Novo cinema qatar offers alternative content versions for those interested such as live boxing shows, cricket matches, performing arts or football shows.

Features of Novo cinema qatar

Within the Novo Cinemas, there are 224 screens distributed in different regions of Qatar, Bahrain, the Sultanate of Oman and the United Arab Emirates. Novo Cinemas also seeks to increase its screens in other regions and places of the Arab world.

Novo cinema qatar website

Novo cinema qatar sets many binding conditions and rules for people who use it about copyrights and database rights, as no person has the right to use such data, including graphics, text, code, software and sound clips from Novo Cinemas for personal purposes, under penalty of responsibility under the laws Copyright Reserved.

Links to Novo cinema qatar website

In the event that the viewer has seen any clips or hyperlinks to other sites while watching movies or using the cinema website, the cinema website is not responsible for them in any way, especially in terms of their content, as these links go back to other sites that have nothing to do with the cinema and the cinema does not bear any responsibility monitored or approved.

It should be noted that Novo cinema qatar is not responsible for any damage or loss that may be incurred by its users, whether material, incidental or consequential losses under any circumstances, especially with regard to digital viruses facing devices via the Internet, and it is not responsible for any delay or Playback failure may occur while watching or downloading the movie via electronic devices from your laptop or mobile phone.

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