May 31, 2022

Investment: buying property in Egypt

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Is buying property in Egypt a good investment?

Of course, we are talking about buying a property in the largest populated Arab region, and one of the most important countries that host nationalities from all over the world for tourism, residence and work, in addition to the fact that Egypt is a developed country in the real estate sector and is very open to modern construction and housing projects, and the real estate movement has never stopped.

Therefore, buying property in Egypt is a good investment and guaranteed profits, and because Egypt is a wide country and many areas, you must think carefully before choosing a suitable property to be a good long-term investment:

  • Choose an area with a growing population in Egypt, but stay away from popular and crowded places.

• Choose a strategic area, close to public facilities such as schools, government agencies, hospitals, and other shopping centers.

• Choose an area where buying and renting is in great demand in Egypt.

• Choose an area where the offers suit your financial capabilities and provide you with suitable payment facilities.

• Choose an area that provides you with guaranteed profitability in Egypt, in which the purchase prices are lower than the selling prices and the monthly rental installments allow you to recover the value of the property in the shortest possible period.

• Choose an area where the real estate infrastructure is solid buildings and housing projects established by well-known contracting companies in the real estate market.

After you have intelligently chosen the location of your property in Egypt, you must check several other things in order for your investment to remain secure and safe:

- Do not rely on your own criteria in choosing the property you want to invest in Egypt. In fact, this accommodation will not be your main residence and personal criteria can make you illogical in your decision which takes you away from your main goal: to search for a profitable investment.” A rational and thoughtful choice affects your chances of making profits. Do not buy in an unsuitable area under the pretext of attractive prices! Go to the site before buying to see for yourself the condition of the property and its surrounding amenities.

- Do not bet huge sums on one property
in Egypt, especially if you are a beginner in the field of real estate investment. Try to diversify your investments so that you do not lose everything in the event of any economic crises or a real estate bubble. Not putting all your eggs in one basket actually helps you manage any conditions more easily.

In real estate investing, remember that the added value is based on the purchase price, not the resale price! So, it is absolutely essential to make an informed decision before any purchase.

- Do not look for an exaggerated investment profitability, but consider tax exemption

 A return on real estate investment of 3 to 4% is very favorable. In addition, real estate is an investment that pays off in the long run. Make it your first goal to get the money back, even if the rental return is below average. These simple incomes will allow you to secure greater rental opportunities and for longer periods of time, as well as allow you to benefit from tax exemption laws