May 11, 2022

Glimpse: Do people own land in Egypt?

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Do people own land in Egypt?

All Egyptians can own land in all parts of the country, but Egyptian laws set certain conditions for non-Egyptian foreigners to own land and real estate.

It is known that Egypt has many agricultural lands, but these agricultural lands are only sold to those who hold Egyptian citizenship.

As for the other lands (empty land), it is like any other real estate that an Egyptian and a foreigner can buy.

As for the most important laws of foreign ownership of land in Egypt, they are:

- Owning only two real estate in Egypt.

- The maximum total area of real estate owned by a foreigner is eight thousand square meters, and the maximum for each land or property is four thousand square meters.

- The process of construction or investment in the land purchased by the foreigner must be carried out within a period of five years, or his authority to dispose of this land must be suspended.

- The areas identified by Egypt as belonging to the protection of antiquities are, of course, prohibited from selling.

Do people own land in Egypt? Why has such a question become so popular for non-Egyptian foreigners?

The land of Egypt is a wonderful opportunity for investment. We are talking here about a very ancient land with diverse terrain and geography, and in many ancient and modern cities and cities under construction now.

Egypt is characterized as a country that is very open towards modern civilization, and all its modern cities have been designed to be fourth-generation cities, i.e. smart and developed cities with modern technology and take into account the standards of sustainability.

People own land in Egypt within the new urban complexes:

The authority responsible for real estate development in these modern complexes and cities presents a set of organized plots of land for sale in modern areas in Egypt.

In the latest real estate statistics that monitor the process of selling lands in the cities of Egypt, it was noted that lands designated for industrial and service activities are the most sought after by people.

Based on the same last statistic, it was clear that the "Tenth of Ramadan" city was the most city in which lands were offered for sale.

This statistic stated that the cities with the most expensive lands are, in order: "Sheikh Zayed", then "New Damietta", then "October Gardens".

Activities that people request to invest land in Egypt within the new cities:

Activities vary to include all types of investments, commercial, industrial, service and tourism businesses, let's take a broader look here:

- People own land in Egypt within the new cities to build urban housing.

- People own land in the cities of Egypt for business: retail stores, companies and offices, warehouses.

- People own land in Egypt within the new cities for service businesses such as schools, gas stations, and hospitals.

- People own land in Egypt to invest in industrial projects within these new cities.