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For sale in Qatar mixed use villa in Al Kheesah

Semi furnished mixed use villa in compound for sale in Al Kheesah with 7 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.Area: 420 SQM.Price: 12500000 QAR.

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Single family or bachelor villa for rent al-meshaf

For Rent8bedroom,9bathroom,hall 1kitchan-13000In Qatar

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Property Hunter  Luxury Real Estate

 PROPERTY HUNTER shifted this service level much higher than the broker concept. it is a comprehensive professional advice of all your requirements, needs and knowledge about everything you need to know or you shall be aware about when it comes to correct decision about your future plans in Real Estate Sector. 

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Directory in Qatar

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Doha Home Dealers' Real Estate

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Used Mercedes-Benz CLS 350 2013

For SaleUsed Mercedes-Benz CLS 350 2013The car is in excellent conditionV6In Qatar

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For rent in Qatar Chevrolet Trax 2018 in Abu Hamour

Used Chevrolet Trax 4x4 for rent in Abu Hamour with white color.Price: 2000 QAR monthly.Year: 2018.

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DJ and karaokie - musical insturments

DJ and karaokie - musical insturments                                                     

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iPhone 7 red color.

iPhone 7 red color 128 GB in good condition With Box and Charger back one cober

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 Apple Macbook Air 2020 Model 13-Inch Intel Core i3 1.1

 PROMO SELL! PROMO SELL! ! PROMO SELL ! ! ! START SENDING IN YOUR INQUIRY DIRECTLY TO US NOW.. Bulk order available 100% Guaranteed Fast shipping 100% Guaranteed After-Sales support 100% Guaranteed Genuine/Authentic Product 100% Guaranteed Factory warranty (International)

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Looking For A Job: Marketing/ Sales Officer

I am Muhamed Fanooj C and I'm looking for a job in Sales and Marketing. I am having Bachelors of Commerce & a Master of Business Administration specialized in Marketing and Finance and in addition, I have done a short comprehensive study on different projects.I am able to tailor my abilities to fit the requirements, objectives and priorities of your company. I would be a successful team player, possessing exceptional communication skills and strong work ethics.With my earlier employer, I have consistently exceeded all goals set for me and I am valued for my hard work, reliability, tenacity and ability to come up with solutions to problems. With foregoing qualifications and traits, I am fully confident to accomplish given task within the time-frame effectively. 

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Looking For A Job: Marketing/ Brand/ Product Manager

I am Jerryl Mathews, an award winning, well-rounded and enterprising Marketing Manager with over ten years of experience in leading corporate marketing for multi-million dollar companies across diverse industries. Steered ahead the marketing department, product management team and retail sales channel. An expert in planning, implementation, with proven ability to direct multiple campaigns simultaneously and kick-start new product launches with record high responses.Core Competencies« Strategic Planning  « Marketing Communication  « Brand Management« Advertisements, Media Planning and Buying  « Event Planning and Campaign Management« Digital Marketing  « Market survey and analysis  « Product Management« Trade-sho...

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Speech therapist looking for jobs in Qatar

I work as a specialist looking for jobs in QatarSpeech and language pathologist, treatment of learning difficulties, skill development and behavior modification for communicationI work consecutively and hard to help get rid of this problem with constant follow-up.Best having jobs in Qatar 

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A specialized school is looking for jobs in Qatar

I am a teacher looking for jobs in QatarSpecialized in teaching all the subjects of the basic stage, I have a high level of competence in communicating educational thought with full knowledge and full interest in the primary teaching stages of independent and private schools.Best jobs in Qatar

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Discover Qatar and its features throughout history

*اكتشف قطر*اكتشف قطر ... نبذة عن الدولة :تقع دولة قطر إحدى دول الخليج العربي ...

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Explore Qatar's desert, green and beautiful coastline

*اكتشف قطر* تضم دولة قطر الكثير من الأماكن التاريخية والطبيعية التي تجذب السياح ، وت...

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Discover the country of the country and its administrative divisions

*اكتشف قطر* اكتشف قطر ...نظام الحكم في دولة قطر  يترأس أمير قطر نظ...

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Cholesterol treatment

Cholesterol • Methods of treating high blood cholesterol: - Following new patterns in personal life. Do regular physical activity. Follow a careful and careful diet. Resorting to drug therapy when necessary and the futility of the above changes. This treatment depends on the patient's age and health status. • Common medicines to trea...

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Cholesterol-prevention methods

Cholesterol Ways to prevent high cholesterol: - Get used to daily sports activities. Reducing weight, and maintaining an appropriate and balanced weight with the nature of the body determined by specialized doctors. Follow a comprehensive, healthy and balanced diet. Eat foods rich in fiber. Avoid foods rich in fats. Prefer whole wheat foods....

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    Property Hunter Luxury Real Estate Real Estate West-Bay , Al-Dafna , Doha-Qatar  PROPERTY HUNTER shifted this service level much higher than the broker concept. it is a comprehensive professional advice of all your requirements, needs and knowledge about everything you need to know or you shall be aware about when it comes to c...
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    Looking For A Job: Digital Mar... Marketing Doha-Qatar I am looking for a job as Digital Marketing Manager who is skilled in: Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Linked...
  • heat stroke
    heat stroke Medical Heat stroke is a pathological condition, caused by exposure to the sun for a long time imposed by the nature of a person's work, such as athletes, construction workers and electricity, as it affects the body's thermal balance, and makes it lose its ability to re-cool itself. Risks arising from exposure to heat stroke: - Fainting. Hea...
  • Heat stroke - first aid
    Heat stroke - first aid Medical Heatstroke First aid for heatstroke: Given the extreme danger that results from heatstroke, and the need to take first aid measures at full speed in order to save the life of the injured, the following must be done pending his transfer to the hospital: - Transfer the injured to a shaded area at full speed. Immediately remove the casualty'...
  • Hoverboard for sale
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  • DJ and karaokie - musical insturments
    DJ and karaokie - mu... 824 USD Doha-Qatar DJ and karaokie - musical insturments  &nb...

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