Sep 14, 2022

best restaurants in doha - Restaurants with Local Food

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best restaurants in doha - Restaurants with Local Food at Medium Prices

Qatar has many diverse and different restaurants that serve international foods such as Italian restaurants, European restaurants, Chinese restaurants, Asian restaurants, American restaurants and others, but we find that many people may prefer to choose restaurants that serve local Arabic and traditional dishes, in addition to the fact that these restaurants are gives suitable prices for all categories and can be classified as medium prices. In this article, we will learn about the best restaurants in doha that offer local dishes at medium prices.

Lobby Café Doha Restaurant: In addition to being considered one of the best restaurants in doha, the restaurant is also one of the quietest restaurants in Qatar. It is characterized by a modern and simple design with a quiet and relaxing atmosphere, with soft music, and all the food it serves is local cuisine, suitable for people who They love tranquility and a refined atmosphere, the restaurant is located in the Pearl Tower within the Cartier Towers within the Hilton Doha hotel.

Al hubara restaurants: it is one of the best restaurants in doha, it is located in al corniche street. Inside Sheraton doha hotel, The restaurant serves a variety of seafood meals, international and medium dishes, in addition to Middle Eastern foods. It also offers meals for dieters. One of the most prominent features of this restaurant is that it takes great care of hygiene and sterilization matters to prevent the spread of communicable diseases such as Corona.

Seasonal Taste Restaurant: This restaurant is located on Salwa Street, within the Fereej Bin Mahmoud area No. 23, and one of the most important features of the Seasonal Taste restaurant is that it includes many options for vegetarian foods that are suitable for people who follow vegetarian diets, and that all of its dishes are halal, classified within the menu The best restaurants in doha Due to the high ratings it receives from its visitors through social networking sites, it is frequented by many people, especially those looking for restaurants near me online due to its strategic location in the center of Doha.

Anatara Restaurant: Antara Restaurant is located within the Banana Hotel and Resort on the Doha Corniche. It is considered one of the best restaurants in doha, which has the most searched restaurants online within restaurants near me, due to its presentation of many seafood, international dishes and delicious Mediterranean food, in addition to providing these foods Consistently through the art of unique presentation to customers.

Si Mondo Restaurant: Si Mondo Restaurant is located on Al Jazeera Street in the center of the capital, Doha, and is one of the best restaurants in doha, which received a large search on the Internet through the word restaurants near me. The restaurant serves famous international dishes, in addition to the presence of a bar inside it with a wonderful and unique design This restaurant is located three kilometers from Doha Corniche on Bin Mahmoud Street.

Parisa Restaurant: One of the best restaurants in doha that serves Iranian, Middle Eastern and vegetarian meals. It is located in the Ras abo Aboud area in the famous Shaq Hotel there.

Here, we cannot but mention that all restaurants in Qatar are of a sophisticated, distinctive and unique level, despite their differences from each other.