Nov 04, 2023

Energy City in Lusail.

Energy City in Lusail.                           | Properties Qatar #3659 - 1  image

Energy City in Lusail


It’s a known fact that Qatar’s economy mainly depends on its Oil and Gas industries, so it’s no surprise when the country takes measures to ensure the best and highest levels of performance from those companies. 

One of Lusail’s most anticipated cities is Energy City. Set to be Qatar’s first integrated business hub to the Energy industry, Energy City will bring together the country’s industry leaders in one place. The City will offer a fully integrated place for residential and business facilities, providing a more sustainable and green environment than other areas in Qatar. 

The city is already implementing advanced green technologies such as the 320 smart poles that were lit to announce the city’s integration, as multiple government agencies and companies started working out of the city. 

Energy City proves Qatar’s commitment to a greener and more sustainable future, and as the development of Lusail is still underway, we can only imagine what else this amazing city of the future has in store. 

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