warehouse for rent in Doha ,Industrial Area

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Industrial Area , Doha

4,000 QAR Monthly

2 Bathrooms U/F 5000 m² / 53820 FT For Rent
Ready Property
5000 m² / 53820 FT

The warehouse provides temperature control and is available in sizes ranging from 50 m² to 5000 m². Clients have the flexibility to book any quantity and size of warehouse space based on their specific needs. In addition to the standard warehousing services, our hub also offers a shopping center, accommodations for staff, and a central dining option that serves a diverse range of cuisines at an affordable price. Here are some notable features of the facility:

1. The premises are fully fenced and equipped with security measures, including CCTV surveillance.

2. The client has round-the-clock operational control within the facility.

3. There is a dedicated truck docking facility available.

4. The facility itself is insured, but clients are responsible for insuring their cargo.

5. Convenient access to various business spots is provided.

6. Electricity and water connected from municipality

7. Well maintained building

8. Civil defense approved building

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