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Top rated restaurants Doha, Qatar. Best placesIksha 360 One thing about Doha, however: there are numerous world-class restaurants serving a wide variety of cuisines here. It is also one of the Top rated restaurants Doha, QatarSome restaurants are well-known for their fusion fare, while others simply serve the best food possible.Iksha 360 is one such restaurant that claims to serve real Indian fare.Doha\'s top Indian restaurant, the diner is located in a luxurious building with a stunning view of the Pearl of the Arabian Gulf.There are two dining options at Iksha 360 in the Pearl Tower: a swanky nighttime restaurant and a trendy informal dining area on the 42nd story, both of which are located on the tower\'s 40th floor terrace.This restaurant is unlike any other in Doha for foodies.Iksha 360 is known for delivering fusion Asian delicacies as well as classic Indian fare, and both are a treat for the taste buds.Known for his mastery in Indian food, celebrity chef Vineet Bhatiya has managed to create a unique dining experience right in the middle of Doha.Visitors will have an unforgettable experience because of this.Top rated restaurants Doha, Qatar : The Burj Al-Hammam in DubaiTravelers enjoy Lebanese cuisine for obvious reasons, and Burj Al Hamam in Doha is one restaurant that elevates the dish to new heights.Burj Al Hamam, Doha\'s premier Lebanese restaurant, is distinctive in various aspects.This is a place that really honors the best of home cooking.According to legend, the roots of Lebanese cuisine go back millennia, and the cuisine has undergone numerous fusions throughout the years. It is one of the best Top rated restaurants Doha, QatarBurj Al Hamam, on the other hand, has been perfecting the art of Lebanese cuisine for the past half a century.There are several choices for diners at this eatery.There\'s a lot to choose from, including the best vegetarian cuisine as well as Vegan and Halal selections.Do you eat in accordance with a set of rules?Do you wish to have a choice?In addition to Kosher, diners at Burj Al Hamam could order gluten-free alternatives at the hotel\'s restaurant.Burj Al Hamam has a lot to offer tourists, from delicious breakfasts and lunches to sumptuous dinners and everything in between.This was the Top rated restaurants Doha, Qatar. We hope you enjoy it.