The bitter cup of coffee in Qatar is the companion of all forums

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Bitter coffee in Qatar passes through the corridors of history and the sound of the dallah and the cup is in the minds, and the fire on which the coffee is lit brings the loved ones to the word of coffee, it is a fragrant of human heritage, the coffee cup was officially included in UNESCO for the cultural heritage of the peoples, and what coffee represents from Arab generosity And honoring the guest, and we do not miss that breathtaking movement of the one who comes to us when we water him with a cup of bitter coffee and he puts it on the ground, so we say to him: Good news, your request will be answered, and coffee is the most widespread throughout the world, and this is evidence of the cultural integration of peoples, and Qatar has made Bitter coffee is one of its ancient traditions in regional and international forums and has become a part of its global diplomatic culture.

2021-06-06 / Arts
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