How to register on the Ehteraz platform for travelers and visitors

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Important steps to register in the new technology for corona prevention measures:

The beginning of creating an account on the Ehteraz platform, and entering the traveler's personal and health information on the Ehteraz platform.

The condition of registering passengers at the Ehter platform, approximately 12 and 72 hours before arrival in the State of Qatar.

And stressing the importance of entering the Qatari ID number for Qatari citizens, as well as for citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries to enter the passport number.

The Ehteraz platform is characterized by adding precautionary measures against the Corona virus. Users of the Ehteraz platform must enter the type of vaccine they received and the date of the last dose. And those who have recovered, enter the date of injury.

The required documents are:

With a copy of the passport, vaccination certificate and the result of the prc examination.

The State of Qatar announced an electronic platform to register incoming and outgoing passengers in a mandatory state, with the aim of speeding up entry procedures through the available link:


2021-07-20 / Technology
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