Nile fever disease.

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Nile fever: With extreme heat, high humidity, and excessive activity of children, the child sweats greatly.
Sweat is all salts, and if the child does not wear light and cotton clothes that absorb sweat easily, he will get skin irritation and blockage of the sweat gland ducts, and the characteristic rash of Nile fever will appear in the form of
“small fascias on the skin” ..
It is scratchy and the child begins to cry and groan, especially infants.

It usually heals without problems or effects, but it can lead to complications of a bacterial infection, causing the blisters to become inflamed and itchy.

Some solutions to alleviate this disease:
_Avoid further sweating of the child

Avoid heavy clothing, skin contact with clothing, and use of soap

The clothes must be made of 100% cotton.

Use cold water compresses and good ventilation of the skin to soothe inflamed areas

The use of topical emollients is not allowed to use talcum powder

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