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Colic causes The causes of colic that humans are exposed to are due to several reasons, including: Appendicitis. Caron's disease. Urinary tract infections. Exposure to severe injuries. Intestinal obstruction. Pregnancy outside the womb. The presence of gallstones. Heart attack. Liver infections. Pulmonary infections. Accumulation of waste in the digestive system. The presence of cysts in the ovary. An enlarged spleen. Fecal impaction in the digestive tract. The presence of a hernia on one side of the abdomen. Cancer incidence. Influenza infection. Kidney infection. And you should see a doctor in the following borderline cases: - Yellowing of the skin. Yellowing of the eyes. Constant feeling of nausea. - Anorexia. - Weight loss. - Burning urine. Note swelling in the abdomen. Having difficulty breathing.

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