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The latest real estate ads in the North Coast - including apartments for sale and apartments for rent at the best prices and with the most modern and distinctive specifications and designs Among the latest apartments for sale in the North Coast - we now offer a distinctive ready-made apartment for sale at an affordable price and an ideal location, ...

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You can find the best apartments - for rent on Advertisers - apartments - with modern designs in the most important locations in Heliopolis, among the apartments offered for monthly rent, search and find a residential apartment for sale in Heliopolis. and find Including a studio for rent in Heliopolis, furnished 96 meters, Manshiet Al Bakri Al Jaba...

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Toyota egypt-egypt cars for saleAll types of used and new cars for sale in egypt, you can find them with us at the best prices A car you will want to drive and travel across the country to enjoy a trip with your family Spacious and comfortable seats Comprehensive insurance and regular maintenance, new engine and new battery, fog lights, economical ...

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cars in egypt - Nissan for Rent in EgyptFind Nissan Car Rental at Cairo International Airport CAI, Egypt , Rent a Nissan at Cairo International Airport [CAI], Egypt. Compare all Nissan Cars in Cairo International Airport. Nissan for Rent in Egypt , browse thousands of cars offered for rent! Best Car...

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    Apartments-chalet for sale in Amigo Ain Sokhna
    Apartments-chalet for sale in Amigo Ain Sokhna 243,380 USD Suez-Governorate New real estate from - apartments - daily on Advertisers with different prices and specifications, choose the most suitable and buy and you will find the largest group of properties for sale from - apartments - and chalets, at the best prices, and communicate with the owner directly in an easy and comfortable way, and many options in Ain Sukhna and...
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    Apartments - holiday homes and accommodations in Cairo
    Apartments - holiday homes and accommodations in Cairo 232 USD Monthly Cairo-Governorate Apartments for sale - Apartments for rent, top rated vacation rentals in Cairo Guests agree that these accommodations are highly rated based on location, cleanliness, etc. Apartments for daily, weekly, and monthly rent, on Advertisers And from Including a hotel apartment for rent in front of City Stars and Abbas El Akkad with cars for rent with dri...
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    Toyota egypt-used cars for sale
    Toyota egypt-used cars for sale 74,995 USD Cairo-Governorate Toyota egypt-used cars for saleCars of all types for sale close to you, distinctive specifications and reasonable prices that satisfy your requirements A car for sale with great features, comfortable seats, air conditioning, music player, sunroof, GPS, and full safety factors. If you want to get around quickly, comfortably and safely, it's your...
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    cars in egypt - Car rental prices
    cars in egypt - Car rental prices 170 USD Monthly Cairo-Governorate cars in egypt - Car rental prices for Nissan Sunny in EgyptRent Nissan Sunny cars. With zero paperwork , you can rent a sedan such as Nissan Sunny. Nissan Sunny Cars for Rent in Egypt : Best Prices , Cheap Egypt Car Rental Deals, Top destinations to rent a car in Egypt · Cars. Cheap Car Renta...

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Jun 03, 2022 | Properties

How much does an apartment in Egypt cost

How much does an apartment in Egypt cost | Properties Egypt #3371 - 1  image

How much does an apartment in Egypt cost?The cost of buying an apartment in Egypt is a very broad topic, because it depends on many factors such as the area of the apartment, its space, its internal specifications, and so on. Egypt is characterized by the fact that it includes many areas in addition to the fact that it has many housing projects, when we talk about: How much does an apartment in Egypt cost? We must define more our goal, to take an idea of the most desirable areas of Cairo for housing:Away from the compounds and projects of the Ministry of Housing, a large sector of citizens is looking for the cheapest housing units, which are less than 500,000 Egyptian pounds, in order to be suitable for their purchasing capabilities, because the lowest unit in any compound has become more than one million Egyptian pounds, and the same applies to housing projects other than housing social.- The price per square meter in Sakiet Makki and Umm El Masryen areas in Giza has reached 2600 to 2800, meaning that the cost of an 80-square-meter apartment ranges between 208 thousand and 224 thousand Egyptian pounds, and these apartments are unfinished with “red bricks.”- The "Al-Haram" and "Faisal" areas are among the most demanded areas for apartments, and the prices of apartments with an area of 85 square meters have reached 250 thousand unfinished in the "Talbeya", "Al Thalatini" and "Marriotia" areas, while the semi-finished apartment has reached 500 One thousand Egyptian pounds in the areas of "Al-Thawra Street" and "Nasr El-Din".In the “Faisal” area, the prices of apartments reach 280,000 unfinished, and up to 300,000 Egyptian pounds, according to the location and floor of the apartment in “Al-Talbeya” and “Al-Koum Al-Akhdar” streets, while they reach 400,000 EGP in “Al-Taawun” Street.- In the “Hadayek Al-Ahram” area in Giza, the pri...

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May 10, 2022 | Properties

Today, is Egypt good for real estate?

Today, is Egypt good for real estate? | Properties Egypt #2970 - 1  image

Is Egypt good for real estate?A natural question during the volatile conditions experienced by all countries of the world!But given Egypt's great history in the real estate world, we can assure you that Egypt is good for real estate. The real estate market in Egypt is good in all cases, and the decline and rise in prices is a normal thing that occurs in all real estate markets in the world. But it is certain that Egypt never stopped the real estate movement, the growing interest in the issue of real estate in Egypt occupies an important part of the comprehensive and permanent development process in Egypt.Today, is Egypt good for real estate?Let us tell you that we cannot evaluate the quality of the real estate market today through a global rise in prices, as international emergency conditions change economic indicators temporarily, because we confirm that the real estate market in Egypt is indeed one of the best real estate markets, and the Egyptian economy has been able to prove that it is able to overcome challenges and circumstances wonderfully, and the best example is its ability to recover quickly from the effects of the (Covid 19) pandemic, and the real estate market in Egypt has achieved very good profit rates during this pandemic, making it the best real estate market in the region.The rise in prices today affects all sectors, including the real estate sector in Egypt, but economic experts believe that it is a normal period with positive signs for the Egyptian real estate market to flourish again, with full force and effectiveness.There are many things that indicate that Egypt is good for real estate at this particular time:- The real estate market in Egypt is characterized by encouraging laws that help investment and purchase and make the real estate movement always active. In addition to bank facilities and renewable real estate financing on incentive terms.- The huge projects that have been planned in Egypt to build new cities and expand housing proje...

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May 27, 2022 | Discussions

How much does house cost in Egypt?

How much does house cost in Egypt? | Discussions Egypt #3177 - 1  image

How much does the average house cost in Egypt?Houses are the most important component in the real estate market in any country in the world, and certainly in the Egyptian real estate market, the search for houses is the most in demand because Egypt is one of the most famous countries with a huge housing population, especially in its capital, “Cairo.” In addition, Egypt is a country open to Visitors from all over the world: For tourism: Egypt is one of the most desirable countries for tourism globally, thanks to the unique and amazing Pharaonic monuments in Egypt. For work: Egypt is a dynamic country and the commercial and economic movement is constantly developing, and the large population of Egypt opens the way for many job opportunities as well, especially for foreign companies and recent investments in the real estate market, tourism, trade and industry. For study: Egypt is a country that is famous for its high level of education in its universities, especially the ancient and ancient universities that everyone goes to for religious, historical and archaeological sciences. All of these factors are attracting more people to search for a house  to settle in Egypt, and the laws of Egypt allow foreigners to own real estate, and therefore the search for a house  to reside in Egypt is very popular among Egyptian citizens and residents of other nationalities in Egypt, and it is natural for everyone to ask: How much does the average house cost in Egypt?One of the important features in the Egyptian real estate market is that the cost of the average house in Egypt is suitable for different social groups from low-income, middle-income and rich people.Egypt is also characterized by the presence of laws that allow real estate financing for the purchase of houses, as many banks give loans with comfortable repayment to help people with the cost of the average house in Egypt.Another advantage in the Egyptian real estate market is competition. The growth of ...

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May 26, 2022 | Properties

How much does it cost to rent in Cairo?

How much does it cost to rent in Cairo? | Properties Egypt #3171 - 1  image

How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Cairo?Cairo is the ancient capital of Egypt and one of the very old and always inhabited cities, and it is considered a super vital center in the entire Arab region. Although Cairo is also one of the most populous cities in the world, it is always a destination for work and stability, and all those coming to Cairo have the first question in their minds: How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Cairo?When we talk about Cairo, we mean a place larger than any ordinary city in the world. Cairo itself is a city and an entire governorate, officially comprising thirty-seven large neighborhoods distributed on the four sides, east, south, west and north, and all its neighborhoods are residential and densely populated, and everyone asks: How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Cairo? Or ask about the cost of apartment prices in different neighborhoods within Cairo.Cairo since ancient times is an important city internationally because it includes a wonderful diversity in the cultural, commercial and economic movement, in addition to being one of the most important cities in the world on the map of historical tourist places, and because many foreigners come to it permanently, we note that the search for an apartment for rent in Cairo is very active, and also Egyptian citizens, they are looking for an apartment for rent in Cairo, for several reasons, not everyone has the ability to buy an apartment, and sometimes the purpose of renting an apartment in Cairo is to stay for a certain period only to study or work, so it is important to take a look and answer our question: How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Cairo?In numbers; How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Cairo?The neighborhoods of Cairo are many and vary between the old neighborhoods and the new neighborhoods and the developed urban expansion that is now rising on the outskirts of Cairo. Therefore, the cost of renting an apartment in Cairo varies acc...

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May 11, 2022 | Properties

Glimpse: Do people own land in Egypt?

Glimpse: Do people own land in Egypt? | Properties Egypt #2979 - 1  image

Do people own land in Egypt?All Egyptians can own land in all parts of the country, but Egyptian laws set certain conditions for non-Egyptian foreigners to own land and real estate.It is known that Egypt has many agricultural lands, but these agricultural lands are only sold to those who hold Egyptian citizenship.As for the other lands (empty land), it is like any other real estate that an Egyptian and a foreigner can buy.As for the most important laws of foreign ownership of land in Egypt, they are:- Owning only two real estate in Egypt.- The maximum total area of real estate owned by a foreigner is eight thousand square meters, and the maximum for each land or property is four thousand square meters.- The process of construction or investment in the land purchased by the foreigner must be carried out within a period of five years, or his authority to dispose of this land must be suspended.- The areas identified by Egypt as belonging to the protection of antiquities are, of course, prohibited from selling.Do people own land in Egypt? Why has such a question become so popular for non-Egyptian foreigners?The land of Egypt is a wonderful opportunity for investment. We are talking here about a very ancient land with diverse terrain and geography, and in many ancient and modern cities and cities under construction now.Egypt is characterized as a country that is very open towards modern civilization, and all its modern cities have been designed to be fourth-generation cities, i.e. smart and developed cities with modern technology and take into account the standards of sustainability.People own land in Egypt within the new urban complexes:The authority responsible for real estate development in these modern complexes and cities presents a set of organized plots of land for sale in modern areas in Egypt.In the latest real estate statistics that monitor the process of selling lands in the cities of Egypt, it was noted that lands designated for industrial and service activit...

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May 31, 2022 | Directory

- What should I invest in Egypt?

- What should I invest in Egypt?  | Directory Egypt #3282 - 1  image

What should I invest in Egypt?The Egyptian real estate market is an important name on the real estate investment map in the region, and the Egyptian real estate market is considered one of the strongest sectors for investment because it is characterized by its economic strength, ensuring its profits, and also quickly recovering from any emergency conditions.When you ask: What should I invest in Egypt? You are asking about a wide sector of fields, including simple ways to invest, and some huge investments. Let us take an idea of some ways to invest in Egypt:Invest in Egypt - the simplest form of real estate investment:You can choose to invest in Egypt to ensure a stable source of income from offering your property for rent that most individuals resort to, as the possibility of investing in the real estate field, which is one of the easy models, as when you offer your apartment for rent to individuals or companies, you will be able to find and guarantee a monthly income; constant and cyclical.Invest in Egypt - Real Estate Management with the Purpose of Profiting from Investment:The administration needs maintenance and development operations, as the investor remains safe from the mortgage crises that afflicted the world, and is converted into important investment opportunities, through the management of real estate and improving its revenues, and there are companies specialized in real estate management, so there is a need for the presence of professional people, where real estate requires Special expertise, knowing the benefits of loans when building, not forgetting the mortgage expenses, at the general local or national level, associated with regulatory risks, and a thorough knowledge of the smallest details.The need for large capital remains, as there are legal arrangements and procedures necessary to bear the burden of regulatory matters from people with experience and confidence, with the possibility of relying on others for real estate investment, by allocating a...

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