Real estate in QATAR vs DUBAI

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Real estate in QATAR vs DUBAI

ROI on properties is around 5-10% for both countries, with Dubai typically reeling in the highest returns. Conversely, as Qatar is rapidly growing and has the highest GDP per head in the world, a faster ROI growth rate than Dubai is conceivable. It is no wonder they are both real estate investment magnets in the world!

The Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) and Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) are among the top five real estate investors in the world.

<> why real estate, cheaper in dubai than Qatar? 

Qatar to be more attractive for forginers, shouldn't it be cheaper than popular cities in the area like Dubai, but no it's more expensive!

<> Dubai Vs Qatar | Where Is Better To Live?

Overall, even looking beyond the main tourist attractions of each destination, Dubai definitely has more going on than Qatar

  • Major benefits of buying an investment property in Dubai and Qatar
  • Strong ROI potential
  • Expect capital appreciation
  • Tax-free advantage
    • In addition, you can earn returns on bricks and mortar in Dubai  and Qatar without having to pay income tax. You can save thousands of UAE dirham or Qatari Riyal compared to buying in the UK or US, where property taxes can eat into up to 12% of a property's value
  • Holiday rentals are on the rise
    • You could otherwise consider holiday rentals. Quite often, investors divide their property use between a holiday home for themselves and a holiday rental for tourists.
    • Dubai and Qatar have astonishing, distinctive landmarks and host massive sporting and economic events—rightly booming tourist markets. Thus, hosting a property close to tourist attractions, sports stadiums, shops and restaurants on Airbnb or the like can generate reliable income. 

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