Apr 07, 2022

Hotels in Jeddah - the most beautiful with sea view

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Hotels in Jeddah - the most beautiful with sea view

Jeddah, the charming Saudi city overlooking the sea, completely dazzles you with its heritage and modern charm. It is one of the oldest regions in the Kingdom. Jeddah includes many archaeological areas in addition to modern recreational places, which attract tourists to it throughout the year.
With this tourist charm in the coastal city, you will find many wonderful hotels in Jeddah, guaranteeing you a wonderful and enjoyable stay with decent hospitality services, let's learn more about the most prominent hotels in Jeddah:

Hotels in Jeddah - The "Venue Jeddah Corniche"

In the most beautiful area of the northern Jeddah Corniche, this luxury hotel is located. It includes various types of fully equipped hotel rooms for upscale and luxurious hospitality, and includes wonderful facilities for entertainment (spa center, multiple rooms for health care, massage and sauna), gym, children's play area, a wonderful restaurant with a charming evening view of the beach, a water club, in addition, it includes a business center, office services and meeting rooms.

Hotels in Jeddah - "Movenpick Al Nawras"

One of the most beautiful modern hotels in Jeddah. It is characterized as an environmentally friendly resort that takes into account all the standards of sustainability. It shines in the middle of its private island in the northern Corniche of Jeddah. It provides a very luxurious stay within a group of hotel rooms and wonderful chalets. The chalets in this resort also include private swimming pools and are equipped for an integrated stay inside the villa.

This hotel includes 2 gourmet restaurants amidst the picturesque marine landscape, and features leisure facilities, a spa and a gym.

Hotels in Jeddah - "Hilton Jeddah":

With its five stars, this hotel is located on the Jeddah Corniche, one of the very luxurious hotels in Jeddah. It includes a wide variety of hotel rooms and suites styles, all of which are fully equipped for a luxurious stay. It also includes five high-end restaurants that serve all kinds of international meals.

The facilities of this hotel include two swimming pools, a gym, a spa with many rooms for various types of health treatments, sauna and massage, tennis courts, squash, a kids club, a business center, meeting rooms and office services.

Hotels in Jeddah - "Mira Waterfront":

A Jeddah hotel with a charming view of the sea in the middle of the Corniche. It offers a wonderful range of hotel rooms and suites that suit everyone, with luxurious hospitality facilities and a stunning view of the sea.

This Jeddah hotel features a wonderful beach picnic area, spa center and gym, fine dining restaurant, children's play area, business center and office services.

Hotels in Jeddah - "Durrat Al Arous" Chalets:

One of the hotels in Jeddah that offer a wonderful and luxurious stay in family chalets with a private beach. These chalets consist of three bedrooms, a lounge and a terrace with a stunning view of the sea. This hotel guarantees you a stay with family privacy to enjoy all the marine activities and the charming atmosphere on the Jeddah beach.