Apr 07, 2022

Abha - Al Shaheen Falcons Houses

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Abha - Al Shaheen Falcons Houses

Abha is the name that immediately comes to our mind when we hear the question: What are the most beautiful regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

Abha is an area whose natural beauty is beyond description.

The city of Abha is the center of a large region that includes the amazing mountains "Asir". It is a vast emirate and the city is the governmental headquarters for the entire region. There are many cities and villages that are administratively affiliated to Abha, such as the city of "Sultan", "Al-Soudah", "Bahet Rabia", "Al-Majardah" and others.

But here, let us take you on a tourist trip to one of the most amazing areas in Abha, which is the "Al-Soudah District", put on a coat and let's go:

Coat in Saudi Arabia?

Listen, I will tell you: Do you know that Al-Sawdah Mountain Abha is the highest mountain in Asir?

Yes, its height above sea level is approximately three thousand one hundred and fifty meters!

It is the most wonderful summer resort in Abha, characterized by the magic of the picturesque and fresh nature, as it is one of the most beautiful parts of the earth, it includes many summer houses and resorts overlooking the natural mountain heights that captivate the hearts of its visitors with its unique beauty, make them feel comfortable and reassured, and is the perfect choice for relaxation.

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How are summer houses in the mountains of Abha?

It seems that you have begun to imagine your vacation in Al-Soudah Mountains, Abha!

Well, I will give you a glimpse of the coolest newly designed summer houses in the mountains of Abha, and they are the "Al Shaheen" houses.

Al-Shaheen is the beloved falcon that you see soaring in the mountains of Abha, shining strongly in the midst of the mist of the heights. The area in which these summer houses were built in Abha is called "Al Soqoor Area", and these housing units appeared in a completely new style to surprise everyone with their beauty in the middle of the mountains.

These houses in the mountains of Abha were also designed in the form of falcons. The secret of creativity in these residential houses lies in the dazzling engineering design and the subtle details that are evident in the construction work and the beauty of coordination in distributing the elements of the place and adapting the slopes in the mountainous area and linking them to the paths, appearing as if they were super awesome hanging figurines.
The idea of the design came as if it describes the nature of the bird and its relationship to Abha mountains, and the features of the "Shaheen" falcon were reflected in the shape of the exterior design of the residential houses, including the structure, colors, and corridors leading to the entrances to the houses.

In these Abha houses, the nature of the materials used are mostly light metal materials and cement bases, while its outer walls are covered with aluminum and glass, and the interior details of the residential design are made of high-quality wood and gypsum boards, which are distinguished by their strength and solidity despite their light weight and treated to withstand moisture and rain.

Each house in Abha "Al Shaheen" has a panoramic view of the highest peaks of the Al-Soudah Mountains, and the area of each house is 135 square meters.

The houses of Abha attract tourists a lot throughout the year, so they rent and reside in them, and it is a new and unique experience, and from there you see a lot of charming landscapes that varied between bright meadows, valleys and towering mountains that are white in winter and green in the rest of the year, This in itself captures the eyes with its splendor and beauty, and due to the nature of the geographical Abha, it is the most suitable place for many adventure lovers such as camping and skydiving, in addition to mountain climbing and walking between its natural paths.