Sep 03, 2022

msheireb - an authentic and ancient history

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msheireb - an authentic and ancient history

Despite the development that took place in the msheireb area in Doha, the capital of Qatar, there is a long and authentic history that msheireb is still proud of by integrating the civilizational development taking place in the country with evidence of history that still exists to this day, we will learn through this Article on msheireb Museums and Evidence of its Late History.

مشيرب msheireb District Museums

The msheireb area in Doha includes four ancient and historical houses, which are the oldest houses that have ever been found in Qatar. The concerned authorities have transformed these old houses into cultural and social centers to play an important role in the development within the Qatari society.

Those competent authorities have restored and rehabilitated the houses to renew their structures in a way that does not erase their ancient archaeological form. These restoration operations were a starting point for the start of the heritage project on the land of the msheireb area.

The heritage project extends on msheireb land across an area of ​​310,000 square meters at a cost of twenty billion Qatari riyals, equivalent to five and a half billion US dollars.

مشيرب Ancient houses in Msheireb

First: The Bin Jelmoud House. The historic Bin Jelmoud House refers to the slave trade throughout history, especially the slave trade that was widespread in the Indian Ocean. The concerned authorities restored Bin Jelmoud in msheireb and transformed it into a center concerned with raising awareness in the Qatari community through holding seminars and meetings that Facilitate social communication between specialists and between members of society. These lectures and seminars focus on the axis of human exploitation, its danger and ways to combat it through cultural and economic contributions.

The seminars also focus on the role of the Islamic religion in guiding individuals to the correct moral path in terms of compassion for people and the abolition of slavery.

Among the most important matters that are circulated in Bin Jelmoud is also to shed light on the import of pearls from Qatari divers

Second: The Company’s House, which is a museum that displays historical manuscripts that talk about the oil industry by Qataris and the stages that Qatar has gone through since the discovery of oil until the present time, where it became one of the pioneers of the modern world. The company’s house was chosen to specialize in oil affairs because this house In the past, it was the headquarters of the first oil company in the country, and the Qatari workers in the company were among the pioneers in the field of oil exploration.

Third: The House of Mohammed bin Qassim. The house was named after the son of the founder of Qatar, Mohammed bin Qassim Al Thani. The centerpiece of this house in msheireb revolves around focusing on the history of Qatar and on the most important creatures that were discovered by Qataris previously at the msheireb site in particular, in addition to To present exhibits showing the traditions of Qatari homes and their most prominent features, and talking about the stages of development of the msheireb area from history to the present day to become one of the most developed and modern areas in the city of Doha

Fourth: Al-Radwani House. The establishment of this house dates back to 1920 in particular. It indicates the traditions that were prevalent in Qatari homes since ancient times, and shows the most important antiquities that were discovered in the region, which refer to the lifestyle that Qataris lived in.

Finally, we have got to know the oldest houses in msheireb and the most important axes that revolve around it.