May 31, 2022

buying property Egypt is good investment

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Is buying property in Egypt a good investment?

Investing in property in Egypt is one of the favorite things for everyone, for owners of simple and large capitals alike, because investing in real estate is a permanent guarantee of profit, no matter how simple, and in the worst case, you will never lose and your money will remain in the value of the property.

Buying property in Egypt is a good investment, but you must be smart in this investment, and there are many things that you should consider before you put your money to invest in any property, let's start with the basic rule:

Buying property in Egypt is a good investment if it is in a geographical area with a secured real estate future:

One of the most important secrets of a successful real estate investment, which in fact represents the basic rule that must be followed is the strategic choice of the location of the property. The location of the property must be one of the locations where there is a strong demand for rent, and the only way to maintain the property's investment in terms of occupancy and surplus value on resale. It is very important to compare the various surplus value between regions as it may be less interesting in some locations where the price per square meter is already high at the time of purchase.

Choose a city or one with a constantly growing population, with good public transportation, provinces with commercial infrastructure, etc. Before buying an apartment, for example, check its proximity to schools, universities and public facilities, as if you think about investing in real estate as a home, you will find all the amenities and luxury, but if you want to sell or rent, you will make significant profits.

You should also check the lists and vacancy rates in the neighborhood you want to invest in, as well as the rental, sale and purchase prices. It is worth noting that the property whose rent is expensive is often difficult to rent and the tenant leaves it at the first opportunity to find a more suitable place for him in terms of price and convenience.
In addition, take into account the proximity of large industrial areas and business centers to the property, as this can be a guarantee of a great opportunity to benefit from the property, whether by renting or selling it.

The second guaranteed rule in the Egyptian real estate market: Invest in a new property:

One of the most important secrets of successful real estate investment, is to buy and invest in a new property in Egypt. As this enables you to reduce the maintenance costs that you will have to pay if you buy an old property, which will of course need a good maintenance procedure. It also enables you to get a modern property, whether in its infrastructure that will be solid, or in a modern design that matches the requirements of the real estate market today.

Sometimes investing in old property is also very profitable, but here it will be directly related to the historical and artistic value of the property. In fact, this type of real estate requires a large budget and is specific to a very limited category, which you may not be interested in targeting.