May 31, 2022

What should I invest in Egypt?

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What should I invest in Egypt?

Investing in Egypt’s real estate is one of the strongest investments that Egyptian and foreign businessmen go to. Real estate investment in Egypt is a very vital sector, and all those interested in investing monitor the movement of the real estate market in Egypt, follow up on real estate prices, and are interested in knowing the details of real estate financing conditions and offers made by banks in Egypt regarding investment and buying real estate.

What should I invest in Egypt? What are the options?

There are many opportunities in new projects, such as shops and commercial offices, besides that you can invest in other types of real estate, and the most important thing when investing in real estate is to avoid some mistakes and risks that can be made and avoided.

By renting or selling your property later by investing in it, you can buy an apartment of a small area and the monthly installment is reasonable, and you will certainly find units that suit your capabilities and budget, and this is one of the advantages of real estate investment in Egypt, where you can guarantee a suitable return by purchasing a property.

Investment by building modern housing units, real estate development projects for the regions, and investing by reselling them with high prices, and you can rent them for a period of time before selling, as well as investing in real estate designated for housing, shopping centers, services and farms by buying commercial real estate.

Investment is usually in the real estate sector based on long-term or short-term strategies, where the financial structures (profit models) designed, and the diversity of methods, are linked to the investor’s capital, in addition to solving the problem of weak purchasing power resulting, through the emergence of a group of companies that deal with the command.

What are the necessary documents before I invest a property in Egypt?

The documents required for the transfer of ownership of apartments and real estate must be available:

• A true copy must be taken when owning an apartment, in addition to seeing the original purchase contract.

• Finding a picture of the number of floors in the property and it is licensed, the need for the picture or the license to be ready.

• The contract for the land on which the property is located must be viewed, in addition to having a documented copy in the real estate registry.

• Legally guaranteeing the value of the property stipulated in the contract, then formally guaranteeing the ownership of the property with the presence of official papers.

• The necessity of having an official power of attorney from the owner granting the right to sell to himself and to others in the presence of an official power of attorney to do so.

• In the event that there is more than one owner, the agencies of other individuals must be available and copies of them must be present.

• The necessity and requirement of filing a claim for the validity of signature and enforcement.

• The necessity of having a sale contract for the first time from the owner.