May 10, 2022

Is Egypt good for real estate?

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Is Egypt good for real estate?

Certainly, Egypt is good for real estate; The answer seems automatic in the immediate affirmative, given the tremendous advantages enjoyed by Egypt's reputation as a large Arab country, with a huge population, in addition to the indicators of the highly developed real estate market throughout it.

Here we will tell you some recent factors that confirm the answer to the question: Is Egypt good for real estate? Especially in the last few years, according to studies of the global real estate market and the Egyptian real estate market in the past two years:

1- The real estate market in Egypt was able to recover faster than others after the negative effects as a result of the global pandemic (Corona Virus) and was able to prove an important economic growth rate of no less than eight percent despite the pandemic restrictions.

2- A set of new decisions were activated to support real estate growth in Egypt. These decisions were in the interest of the real estate market in Egypt and laid the right foundations for a secure and prosperous real estate future in Egypt, among these important decisions:

  • Real estate bank loans that suit investors in terms of interest and convenient conditions for investment.
  • Real estate finance and its various modifications and interest reduction.
  • Stimulating foreign investment in real estate in Egypt.
  • Registering all real estate in Egypt within a regular documentation process.
  • Launching reliable legal real estate electronic platforms in Egypt.

    Is Egypt good for real estate? Are all types of real estate valuable in Egypt?

Of course, we are talking about an ancient country full of population movement since ancient times, and therefore you can find all kinds of real estate in Egypt:

1- Land real estate:

In Egypt, you find all forms of lands suitable for valuable real estate, agricultural lands, raw lands, desert lands, coastal lands, and all of them are suitable for investment, work and construction.

2- Residential real estate:

In Egypt there are many forms of residential real estate, which is an ancient country with ancient housing, but Egypt at the same time is a country that is very open to modern civilizations, so you find that its modern home includes all forms of housing units known today in the world, starting with regular apartments, studios, duplexes, triplexes, penthouses, standalone villas and townhouses. Within the modern high-end complexes.

3- Commercial real estate:

They are very many in Egypt, as Egypt is a country famous for its large number of companies and offices, and the work in it does not stop. As well as its large and widespread markets, commercial real estate for work, offices, services and companies is highly desirable in many of its regions.

4- Industrial real estate:

Work is what remains an ancient and densely populated country like Egypt, continuing and vigorously competing with other countries in its economy and securing a decent life for its people. Therefore, industry is a major part of the Egyptian economy and the life of the Egyptian people. Thus, industrial real estate is abundant in Egypt, ranging from small industrial workshops to huge production plants.

5- Tourist properties:

A name in Egypt must be associated with the name of the most attractive country in the world for tourism!

Egypt is a tourist destination that people come from all over the world, with an impressive ancient heritage, and exciting modern tourist attractions. The ancient history and heritage of the Pharaohs and the important strategic location contributed to its fame since antiquity, as well as its interest in modern tourist facilities on the sea and the Nile River, which attracted more to it.

I think you will not be confused in your question: Is Egypt good for real estate?! Egypt's tourist real estate and housing real estate are really the strongest in Egypt.