May 14, 2022

Is Egypt a good place to investing?

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Is Egypt a good place to invest in real estate?

In recent years, the interest in establishing projects in Egypt has been rising, given the security and stability that characterize the country, which leads to the rush of many local and foreign investors.  One of the most important sectors that are attracting investors is the real estate market.  In this article, we will learn more about whether Egypt is a good place to invest in real estate or not?


According to many investment statistics and reports specialized in the field of real estate, real estate investment in Egypt is a good and promising idea, as it is a profitable investment in the long term.  This is measured by location, resources and revenues, and future growth expectations.  All of them point to the positive real estate investment in the Egyptian market.


Why is Egypt a good place to invest in real estate?
what makes the investing in real estate in Egypt successful and promising?


Real estate investment in Egypt includes many possibilities that come in the form of options and re-assignable contracts for sale with a large profit return before completion.  It is also possible to purchase real estate for rent, which allows the generation of a guaranteed rent, which leads to an inevitably increase in capital.


What are the reasons that made Egypt top the real estate investment market in recent years?



1-The presence of real estate at low prices compared to the global market, amounting to only thirty thousand pounds.


2-Real estate investment provides a stable increase in capital annually, ranging between 20-30%.


3-Egypt's possession of attractive tourist areas in terms of beauty and the practice of all sports activities and tourism interests, especially underwater diving, snorkeling and various activities related to water sports.  In addition to Egypt's possession of cultural, archaeological, and historical sites that attract tourists from all over the world.


4-The growing annual growth in tourism numbers.


5-Low property taxes, which are lower than those paid in Britain.


6-Capital gains are not taxed.


7-British residents in Egypt do not pay inheritance taxes.


8-The Egyptian government is distinguished by providing great facilities to foreign investors related to simplifying and facilitating procedures through related laws, which leads to facilitating purchases for investors.


9-The remarkable development in infrastructure and the rapid economic growth that led to the revitalization of the entire real estate market.


10-The desert climate that characterizes Egypt, which creates warmth throughout the year, which contributes to making the tourist season active without interruption.


11-The remarkable international stability, which led to the promotion of both internal and external investment.


12-The constant influx of tourists ensures a successful investment, especially in luxury resorts that provide high-quality services, which ensures the prosperity of real estate investment.


13-The easy airspace that makes access to Egypt easy from all countries of the world.


14-The acceptable cost of living in Egypt compared to other countries, in addition to the fact that many people are fluent in speaking English, which facilitates the process of communication.


What makes the success of investing in the real estate market in Egypt certain?


One of the most important ingredients for the success of real estate investment in any country is the tourism activity, and this is what Egypt excels in than other countries.  Its view of the Red Sea and the Mediterranean and its richness in charming historical and archaeological sites such as the pyramids, makes it a tourist country par excellence. It makes investing in real estate very profitable.