May 10, 2022

Do people own land in Egypt?

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Do people own land in Egypt?

All people are interested in the issue of owning land in any country, and Egypt is a country rich in land, and of course people want to own land in Egypt because it is one of the most important economic investments to build projects, invest land in agriculture, or build an independent house.

Let us show you here the types of land in Egypt:

1- Agricultural land.

2- The lands of large cities in Egypt: They are of two types:

  • Lands that have been organized and planned for their presence within pre-defined streets and areas.
  • Lands within the city, but not yet planned. They are often still agricultural lands or vacant land, and they are organized later in the city's expansion plans.

3- New Urban Communities Authority lands:
It is the best type of land for investment, because its organization is modern and divided in a thoughtful manner, and its real estate records are regular.

4- State property lands:
They are many in Egypt, and owned by government institutions, they have special laws for real estate dealing, investment and rent.

We started our article with a question: Do people own land in Egypt?
Of course, here we must distinguish between two types of people with regard to property in Egypt:

Ownership of land by Egyptian citizens or foreigners of other nationalities owning land in Egypt:

First, the Egyptians own land:

Completing the process of owning land in Egypt requires a set of key documents, such as the real estate registry, verifying the real owner of the land through the records, and ensuring the specifications of the land and its conformity with the supporting documents, such as the area and dimensions in length and width, location, and area.
A land sale contract in Egypt is signed in a simple and clear way. The contract includes real information with the necessary documents for both the seller and the buyer, and the contract is documented in the Real Estate Registration Authority.

Secondly, foreign ownership of land in Egypt:

In general, if a foreigner owns any property in Egypt is simple and welcome, you can buy a property in Egypt with your passport only, but this also has several specific conditions and laws, most notably:

- A foreigner cannot own more than two properties, and the area of ​​each one should not be more than four thousand square meters.

- There are certain areas in Egypt that are prohibited from foreign ownership, especially lands that are considered part of the archaeological areas, the Sinai region, and the border areas of Egypt.

- The foreigner who owns the land or invests in it must build a project within a maximum period of five years.

Where do people today want to own land in Egypt?

All eyes are on the new cities in Egypt, as they include well-organized and wonderful lands, perfectly planned, and basic services reach all lands, and the most prominent of these cities are:

1- The new administrative capital of Egypt:

Its area is very large, approximately one hundred and seventy thousand acres, and it is scheduled to accommodate about forty million people in 2040.
It has high-end compounds that have been perfectly designed and modern, and include ideal lands for investment and construction, such as: "The City", "Janoub", and "Seen".

2- “New Cairo” City in Egypt:

It is located in the east of Cairo, a modern and upscale city that includes wonderful compounds such as: "Palm Hills", "La Nova Vista".

3- New “El Alamein” City in Egypt:

It has a large area of ​​approximately fifty thousand acres, and is located on the coast of the Mediterranean (Northwest), and it is now one of the most desirable cities for purchasing land and investment, and so far it has two ideal compounds: "Dan Town" and "Palm Hills".