eye strain

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Eye strain

- The best way to treat eye strain is to try to prevent this strain on the eye, and the first of these causes is (poor lighting) ... It is necessary that the lighting be healthy when doing close work such as reading or knitting, i.e. close-sightedness in the place of vision and when the light must come from behind and from Both sides also at the same time if possible
so that the visible thing does not fall into the shadow area...

- The sufficiency of light must be ensured by using lamps of no less than (75-100) watts.

- Also, the eye must be rested from time to time by looking at the distance...
-TV may cause eyestrain if the picture is not tight, the viewer is close to the screen, or if the room is poorly lit...
- The viewer should not approach the TV screen less than two meters, especially children who always tend to approach it exposed to eye strain..

2021-09-03 / Medical
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