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In Babil, Iraq and lived there until 2004 when he needed to leave his nation and get comfortable Amman Jordan. Falah started painting at eight years old, his exceptional ability permitted him to go to the Iraqi Institute of Art during his after-school hours to empower his astounding work! 

Falah moved on from the Institute of Fine Arts with distinction. He was an individual from Iraqi Artist Union and the Society of Iraqi Plastic Artists. In 1990 Falah took an interest in the Festival of Arab Cooperation Council. He held his first close to home show at the Hall of the Institute of Fine Arts in 1995 to be trailed by his second one of every 1998. As the interest for his work developed, he needed to leave the restricting environmental factors of his nation and continue on to meet the world with his intriguing work. His next station was Amman where he held numerous displays as a legitimate craftsman. 

Falah's specialty mirrors his capacity to change reality with every one of its inconsistencies to an amicable spot and time outlined on a material. Today his work can be tracked down all around the district of the Middle East from Dubai to Qatar. Saeedi currently lives in the United States of America since 2013.


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