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Apr 06, 2022

Aleppo real estate - modern residential buildings

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Aleppo real estate - modern residential buildings

In recent years, modern residential real estate projects have begun to appear in the neighborhoods of Aleppo city, including modern towers and buildings. Real estate developers have been interested in presenting new Aleppo real estate to people according to convenient payment plans, including real estate under construction, including real estate ready with modern and excellent cladding.
Let's take a look at these modern buildings and the forms of residential real estate in them:

Aleppo real estate - "Suleiman Al-Halabi" neighborhood:

A project of residential buildings has been established that includes a group of properties that are still under construction, and they are offered for sale with a convenient payment plan and in installments, and the apartments will be delivered within a maximum period of six months to be fully furnished, and the types of apartments:

- Aleppo real estate type (apartment with four bedrooms, a hall and a balcony)

- Aleppo real estate type (apartment with five bedrooms, a hall and a balcony)

- Aleppo real estate type (commercial store) on the ground floor overlooking the street.

Cladding specifications: flooring (granite), windows with aluminum frames and double glass, wooden doors (beech), plumbing fixtures and high-quality bathroom mixers.

Aleppo real estate - "Bustan Al-Basha" neighborhood:

Completed apartment buildings with medium heights up to seven floors were constructed, and in each building there is an electric elevator, within the wide street of the neighborhood, all the apartments in the building overlooking a balcony on the street, and they are in the following styles:

- Aleppo real estate type (apartment with three bedrooms and a hall)

- Aleppo real estate type (apartment with four bedrooms and a hall)

- Aleppo real estate of the type (commercial store) on the ground floors.

Cladding specifications: ceramic floor, double-glazed windows, wooden doors, quality and guaranteed bathroom sanitary equipment.

Aleppo real estate - "New Aleppo North" neighborhood:

Several buildings for luxury housing have been built in this neighborhood, and they are completed and offer many types of spacious and luxurious apartments:

- Aleppo real estate type (apartment with six bedrooms, a hall, two kitchens and two balconies)

- Aleppo real estate type (a ground floor apartment of 6 bedrooms, three bathrooms, kitchen, front and back garden).

Cladding specifications: super deluxe, marble tiles, oak wood.

Aleppo real estate - "New Aleppo south" neighborhood:

Luxurious buildings are located in this neighborhood, providing spaces for large apartments:

- Aleppo real estate type (apartment with three bedrooms to six bedrooms and a hall) on the upper floors.

- Aleppo real estate in the type (ground floor apartment of eight bedrooms, three bathrooms, two kitchens, a cellar, a large garden)

Cladding specifications: Super Deluxe, marble tiles, premium quality wood doors, sanitary equipment for bathrooms are guaranteed.

Aleppo real estate - Al-Furqan neighborhood:

There are a variety of modern buildings in this neighborhood, including affordable and convenient apartment options:

- Aleppo real estate type (apartment with three rooms and a hall)

- Aleppo real estate type (shop on the ground floor)

Cladding specifications: very good, ceramic floors, aluminum framed windows and good quality glass, wooden doors and excellent bathroom fixtures.

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Apr 06, 2022

Aleppo Real Estate – Overview

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Aleppo Real Estate – Overview

For those who do not know Aleppo; It is the oldest and largest city in Syria, and has been classified in the UNESCO World Heritage Cities list. It is considered the economic capital of the state, and Aleppo Governorate is the largest and most populous. How do you expect the state of Aleppo real estate?

Old Aleppo real estate:

Old Aleppo is the inner region of the city, which includes very old buildings and monuments, and includes a lot of Aleppo real estate in the style of traditional Arab houses, However, it differs from the traditional houses of Damascus in that it is built with white stones that are widespread in its geographical environment, and for this reason it has remained steadfast with its ancient architecture.
As for the interior design of Aleppo real estate (traditional houses), it consists of an inner courtyard and surrounding rooms, like the houses of Damascus. The old residential properties of Aleppo are characterized by different styles according to the era in which they were built.

The old Aleppo real estate is located within the historical walls of the city. Only the seven historical gates remain of these walls, and the old heritage markets also remained, and there is commercial Aleppo real estate in them.

The government and international antiquities organizations are interested in preserving the ancient city, and a complete restoration is planned.

Modern Aleppo Real Estate:

The city expanded a lot, and a lot of Aleppo real estate was built to live in organized areas outside the walls of the old area, and it provides real estate for sale and rent, and many commercial real estate.

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Apr 06, 2022

Damascus Syria Property for sale - Commercial Hubs (1)

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Damascus Syria Property for sale - Commercial Hubs (1)

The search for Damascus Syria property for sale from the type of commercial property is always on top. This is normal in Damascus because it is the capital. It is inhabited by a huge number of residents, in addition to a large number that comes to it for work and tourism on a daily basis.

You may ask what are the prominent commercial hubs for Damascus Syria property for sale?

There are many markets in Damascus, and in each neighborhood, you will find a variety of shops, but here we will show you the largest and most prominent commercial hubs:

Damascus Syria property for sale - the hub of the old markets (Al-Hamidiyah area):

Souk al-Hamidiyah is a very old market, and it is considered one of the most famous tourist attractions in Syria. It is a covered market that does not enter cars. Its extension starts from the gate of the historic Damascus Citadel and ends its main axis opposite the gate of the Umayyad Mosque. Its length is about 600 meters, and the shops are located on both sides of this street with two floors. It includes more than 500 shops suitable for investment property for sale.

The goods in this market range from clothes, shoes, bags, fabrics and handicrafts, to modern and traditional things.

Wait, I only told you about the main street in Souk Al Hamidiya!

About twenty other commercial hubs branch off from this market, each of which is distinguished by its own merchandise, and includes (commercial) Damascus Syria property for sale.
Let's review the most prominent and biggest here:

- Medhat Pasha Market: It is considered an independent commercial hub in view of its history, but everyone knows that it is parallel to Al-Hamidiyah Street.
The best commercial merchandise for sale in this market: rugs, upholstery covers, rugs, towels, curtain fabrics and upholstery.

- “Al-Buzouriya” market: It is a famous branch in Al-Hamidiyah market that specializes in all kinds of spices, nuts and food products such as herbs, dried fruits and chocolate, so if you are an interested of trading in spices, search in Damascus Syria property for sale within (Al-Buzouriya).

- Al-Hariqa market: It is the right market for those interested in trading cotton clothes, furniture fabrics and curtains, in addition to furniture accessories.

- Al-Asroniya Market: If you are an interested of trading in household items and children's toys, this is the ideal place in Damascus Syria Property for sale.

- These are the most prominent commercial areas within the commercial "Al-Hamidiyah" hub, but it also includes many, such as the Silk Market, the Wool Market, the Tailors Market, where you can find a property for sale that is suitable as a business for sale and work, the Gold Market, the Silver Market...etc.

Damascus Syria Property for sale - commercial patterns in "Al-Hamidiyah":

All the Properties in the area is commercial and you will rarely find an apartment building in the middle of these old souks, it has been completely converted into a commercial area.

- Property for sale (shop) with an area starting from three square meter up to one hundred square meters.

You might be surprised here; Damascus Syria Property for sale (commercial) area of three square meter!

Do not be surprised, as this shop brings you profits that may be equivalent to a commercial property of one hundred square meters. When you know the number of people who enter this market daily, you will understand completely, if I tell you: You cannot know this number! Trust me, more than a thousand a day.

- Property for sale (operator): It is a lot in this area, many tailors and craftsmen work and sell their goods directly in this market, and these properties are often in the basements under the shops or in the back room of the front of the property.

- Property for sale (warehouse): This style is also in great demand in this area, the quantities of goods available are huge, and most of the sellers own warehouses.

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