What does it mean to become a father in the life of the twentieth century?

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In the midst of life, challenges, study and work, there is an urgent feeling within you that is marriage, forming a family, having children, seeing them born, their first cry, first words, first walking, their needs for love and food. His feelings are in his conscience. Today, he has become more gentle and more tender, and he is frightened at the slightest detail that affects his son or daughter. Has the father been tender with all his strength to face the challenges of life for that little being who came from his own crucifixion, a piece of him? What miracle? That is any overwhelming happiness that fills the house despite the birth mother and her fears And her fatigue, but on the other hand, there are parents who do not feel all these feelings, either because of the tightness of the hand, or because they cannot express their feelings and joy, or they do not have the culture of dealing with a new born, or they do not receive tenderness or care in their environment and they have an emotional dryness that does not allow them to give care And the appropriate attention to their children, or is it the harsh conditions of life sometimes, and here we ask that there should not be courses that men who are waiting for a new born undergo to educate them and advise them what they should do and what are the appropriate ways to Deal with this new situation and not leave the parents alone in this experience, which sometimes causes them problems, troubles and mistakes as well as raising children and dealing with them may cost them and their children a lot.


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