Who is Carl Benz, founder of Mercedes?

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German engine designer and automobile engineer Karl Friedrich Benz (Karl Friedrich Benz) was born on November 25, 1844, and died on April 4, 1929. Karl Benz and Berta Ranger married on July 20, 1872 and had five children: Eugene (1873), Richard (1874) and Clara (1877) Tilda (1882) and Ellen (1890). The patented car was built by Mercedes-Benz in 1885. It was the first SUV and was patented in 1886. Karl Benz joined August Ritter in 1871 at the age of 27. He opened a machine and cast iron workshop in Mannheim and later became a manufacturer of sheet metal processing machinery. The company's first year was disastrous, Ritter became untrustworthy and business tools were suspended. When Mercedes-Benz fiancée Berta Ranger bought Ritter's shares in the company

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