May 10, 2022

Today, is Egypt good for real estate?

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Is Egypt good for real estate?

A natural question during the volatile conditions experienced by all countries of the world!

But given Egypt's great history in the real estate world, we can assure you that Egypt is good for real estate. The real estate market in Egypt is good in all cases, and the decline and rise in prices is a normal thing that occurs in all real estate markets in the world. But it is certain that Egypt never stopped the real estate movement, the growing interest in the issue of real estate in Egypt occupies an important part of the comprehensive and permanent development process in Egypt.

Today, is Egypt good for real estate?

Let us tell you that we cannot evaluate the quality of the real estate market today through a global rise in prices, as international emergency conditions change economic indicators temporarily, because we confirm that the real estate market in Egypt is indeed one of the best real estate markets, and the Egyptian economy has been able to prove that it is able to overcome challenges and circumstances wonderfully, and the best example is its ability to recover quickly from the effects of the (Covid 19) pandemic, and the real estate market in Egypt has achieved very good profit rates during this pandemic, making it the best real estate market in the region.

The rise in prices today affects all sectors, including the real estate sector in Egypt, but economic experts believe that it is a normal period with positive signs for the Egyptian real estate market to flourish again, with full force and effectiveness.

There are many things that indicate that Egypt is good for real estate at this particular time:

- The real estate market in Egypt is characterized by encouraging laws that help investment and purchase and make the real estate movement always active. In addition to bank facilities and renewable real estate financing on incentive terms.

- The huge projects that have been planned in Egypt to build new cities and expand housing projects and huge facilities for the old cities, all of this makes the investor in Egyptian real estate assured that the real estate movement will not stop, and that it continues to grow and prosper.

- Huge projects in which the private sector, and foreign investors as well, work, contributed to the strength of the real estate movement in Egypt, and made the outlook for the future of real estate in Egypt brighter.

- Residential real estate in new cities and new projects in Egypt has achieved rapid attraction, because it was built with modern systems and planned to become ideal urban cities that include sports facilities, wonderful green spaces, comprehensive and upscale service facilities, and modern and enjoyable entertainment venues.

- Commercial real estate has also achieved a remarkable increase, especially near new cities and huge housing projects, and this increases the demand for shops in particular.

We all know exactly the size of the demographics that Egypt includes! And when we ask: Is Egypt good for real estate? We implicitly realize that Egypt is an ideal place and is superior to others in the field of real estate, as the huge population, especially in Cairo, makes the investment opportunities for residential real estate very profitable and surely guaranteed.