May 08, 2022

How is the real estate market in Egypt?

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How is the real estate market in Egypt?

With all the eye-catching announcements about new real estate in Egypt, many are wondering about the reality of the real estate market in Egypt, and what really draws attention is that the real estate market in Egypt is in a state of a modern and perfectly organized construction boom aimed at reviving the Egyptian real estate market.

How is the real estate market in Egypt according to modern regulation?

The authorities concerned with urban and real estate development have drawn a modern map that fits the area of Egypt, its ancient civilizational peculiarity, and its important strategic location among countries.

Modern real estate development in Egypt was interested in establishing a wide urban development that includes building modern cities and organized and elegant residential communities in the modern architectural style.

One of the most important points that the real estate development process focuses on in the modern Egyptian real estate market is solving the problem of random construction of housing and making streets and buildings more civilized in all regions of Egypt.

A set of decisions and regulatory requirements for modern urbanization were defined to show the features of these development ideas for the real estate market in Egypt.

Positive indicators for the real estate market in Egypt:

During the past years, there have already been many positive indicators that predict how the real estate market in Egypt is and how it is developing:

1- An important initiative was activated under the title (A Dignified Life) concerned with developing the villages of the Egyptian countryside, and it started in 2019.

2- New city projects in Egypt and the expansion of some old cities. It has been planned to establish 23 modern Egyptian cities in various governorates of Egypt, in addition to expanding 21 cities through large housing units’ projects.

3- Modern housing projects in various regions, such as the "Dar Misr" project, the "Jana" project and the "Sakan Misr" project.

4- The positive real estate finance initiative, which helps everyone to own real estate units registered, as it contributes to the development of real estate movement in the Egyptian real estate market, activates contracting and construction and revives all business sectors in Egypt.

5- A comprehensive data project for real estate in Egypt of all kinds (a housing unit, land or any real estate), where all real estate units are documented to ensure property rights and the right to dispose of and develop them. More than 300 real estate registration branches have been identified across Egypt's governorates.

The real estate wealth registration project in Egypt is an important axis that will contribute to the future that will shape how the real estate market is in Egypt, because the real estate market in Egypt is very rich, but it has not been invested perfectly in front of the world so far, and the projects of modern Egyptian cities and the civilized compounds that we see now in Egypt It is a microcosm of the vision that Egypt aspires to achieve in all its regions.