Houses for sale in Baghdad - Apartments for sale in Hay al-Jamaa

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Karbala , Karbala-Governorate

80,000 USD

2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms U/F 165 m² For Sale

There is no doubt that every person dreams of his ideal home, a large group of the most beautiful residential real estate in Iraq, apartments and various houses, and houses for sale in Baghdad, within the appropriate specifications and prices.

Among the offers on - houses for sale in Baghdad - we find an apartment with the most beautiful specifications, with a distinctive view, and there is a kitchen, bedrooms, reception rooms and bathrooms with beautiful paint.

Competitive prices for the local market, various services under construction, where transportation and all supplies are secured

It is considered one of the best - houses for sale in Baghdad - in the neighborhood of the university. The apartment is distinguished. Internet services are available. Phone. The location of the apartment is excellent

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