Tower for sale 4500 m Doha next to City Center for sale

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7+ 7+ U/F 4500 m² For Sale

Are you looking for an apartment for rent in a special place?

Are you looking for an independent villa for rent at an affordable price?

Are you looking for a villa in a new complex?

Searching for a property for rent is one of the first priorities that the individual seeks to find, especially in Qatar. This simple proposition may help you to know the appropriate places - for example, but not limited to - to find apartments or villas in a complex or independent villas for rent in Qatar, as Qatar includes many From the areas of modern and elegant character and from it

  • The City of the Pearl: This wonderful city is designed to be a distinctive landmark and an attractive place where the strategic location is in the heart of the capital - Doha -. In the city of the Pearl you will find many unique towers and residential complexes that include a large number of apartments, beach villas and garden villas spread over ten islands. Which
  • Porta Arabia, which is the largest of the ten islands
  • Berlita Gardens
  • Floresta Gardens
  • La Plage South
  • FIFA freely
  • Central
  • Costa Malaz
  • Cartier
  • Isola Dana
  • Beach villas
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