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Enemy him with a kind of instinct. Its infection is transmitted from one person to another person directly, or by contact with cats and dogs, or by using others’ hats and other tools that touch the skin and hair of the scalp.

- The disease appears in the form of gaps (hair-free areas of the scalp).
- Small scales are secreted, and they appear at first sight that they are free of hair, but the hair is present at the level of the skin.

- Sometimes the affected skin reddens or secretes some liquid secretions, and the lymph nodes near the site of the injury swell, and the injury is sometimes confined to the head and sometimes multiple places.

- They appear most often at the back of the head, and the disease is prolonged and difficult to treat. Although it heals quickly sometimes. Boys are affected by this disease, but they are naturally more mobile and more naughty.

2021-08-29 / Medical
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