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Goose skin disease is also known as keratosis pilaris, and it is a genetic disease that usually affects dry skin, due to a defect in the production of keratin, which causes the emergence of granules..
- There is a high percentage of women who suffer from goose skin and this disease cannot be completely cured, but there are many ointments and methods that help alleviate this skin disease..

— Goose skin is the appearance of hair under the skin and has a rough and thick texture, which causes the appearance of red granules when hair germinates, which makes you look unpopular and embarrassing..

Among the adjuvant treatments are:
. Topical Exfoliates Topical exfoliators remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, which prevents clogging of pores and the buildup of keratin that eventually leads to the skin's infection with goose bumps. ...

.Moisturizing lotions...

. Topical Retinoids ...

.laser treatment

2021-09-06 / Medical
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