Symptoms of cold feet

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Symptoms of cold feet:
The coldness of the feet returns in addition to their exposure to cold air continuously for a long time...
We mention several reasons, including:
varicose veins
- Clogged arteries of the feet with clots..
- It may be the result of nerve weakness
-as well as hysteria
-Or some diseases of the digestive system or urinary..

Since the constant wetness of the feet leads to common colds in the chest and stomach flu in the intestines, i.e. diarrhea and poor digestion in the stomach, and this is in addition to the frequent occurrence of asthma attacks, persistent colds, and anemia...
The attacks of asthma and chronic headaches, especially in women, could be cured by using a hot bath for the feet and stoals
Its temperature is (38-40) centigrade.....

2021-09-02 / Medical
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